Steins;Gate : Keeping it Real

This isn’t a Steins;Gate Episode 22 review so much as its a broader commentary on a certain character type that Steins;Gate has done an exemplary job of portraying. That character type is the tsundere, displayed beautifully by one Kurisu Makise. In this blog, I will discuss how Kurisu has almost single-handedly rescued this character type from complete mendacity, and into something strikingly sincere. Continue reading “Steins;Gate : Keeping it Real”

Usagi Drop, episode 8: Masako’s purpose

I thought the latest Usagi Drop was the weakest of the season, mostly because of how heavy it was on the Masako characterization. But was it just me? Was I being too harsh? I decided to consult a second opinion with megas kawaii blogger, Blindability from Bokutachi no Blog.

Life is tough as Mashiro's assistant

Continue reading “Usagi Drop, episode 8: Masako’s purpose”

Sacred Seven Episode 8: This is Just Depressing

I watch you when you sleep.

Sorry that this post was put up later than usual. It’s just that after watching this episode of Sacred Seven, I couldn’t for the life of me think of anything interesting to say. Seriously, I wracked my brain for two days trying to find a way to say in none too succinct a manner that this episode was boring.

It was so horribly banal, so contrived, so pointless, that I actually paused less than halfway through to catch up on the unbelievably stupid Grenadier, and to take screencaps of characters in the Kanon VN saying “Dickballs”. What’s sad is I can say that doing both of those was a million times more productive than watching this episode of Sacred Seven, and I actually felt a part of my soul die a horrible death at the thought of going back to finish things up. Continue reading “Sacred Seven Episode 8: This is Just Depressing”

Sacred Seven Episode 7: Real Villains Don’t Wear Bike Shorts

This week, Sacred Seven tried and failed to present a moral dilemma for its characters. It could’ve actually worked if they didn’t have our apparently exercise-obsessed villain outright state “Ahaha! We are so evil, but now Ruri and Alma might find out that we’re the real bad guys!” at the end. Thank you, Sacred Seven, I was actually attempting to remember the events of previous episodes, rather than block them out of sheer boredom, before you came around and ruined any sense of mystery. Continue reading “Sacred Seven Episode 7: Real Villains Don’t Wear Bike Shorts”