Hanasaku Iroha 16

I really wanted to write about Hanasaku Iroha 16 and 17 together as it’s a two part episode where both of them go hand and hand, but Doki is having translator issues right now. They only have 16 episodes subbed. And they’re the only sub I want to use. At this point, it seems better just to go ahead and post.

The main problem with episode 16 is there’s not much to say about it. The inn decides to invest in a deal that I don’t understand the business side of where they’ll let the inn be in a film. All the parts of the episode that actually pertained to the movie left me with a nagging feeling that I’d seen this all before.

There was one part that was excellent, and a very telling scene, not only about the situation, but the character and series in particular. The episode was working on giving some development to Ohana’s uncle, and a lot came out in the scene where we talks Takako in private. Throughout the episode he acts unusually confident  but in private he has a bit of a breakdown. He reveals that he actually wanted to be a movie director. He tells Takako that his sister was the one he and his mother knew was better suited to run the inn, and in a roundabout way, admits he knows he’s not doing  good job.


As pointed out on Psgels blog, this is the story of the death of inn, and how it meets it end. But it’s also the story of a family, a  dysfunctional one that spans from granddaughter to grandmother. It’s the story of what caused the relationship to fall apart, and how, with the granddaughter, the relationship heals again.

Poor Enishi though. All this drama between the woman, and he’s stuck being hidden in the shadows, stuck in a job where he knows he’ll never meet his mother’s expectations, and desperately trying to do something to stand out and catch someone’s eye. All he does is fail, people pick up his mess, and he fades back to the shadows again. I already some of what happens in 17, and very curious to see how he acts through it.

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