Sacred Seven Episode 5: Beach Vacations and Dark Stone Slaying Go Hand in Hand

When a maid points this at you, run.

Wow is Sacred Seven either lazy or uninspired. I could just leave this episodic at that and move on, but I’m a writer on this site for a reason, and that’s to provide episodic reviews more than one sentence in length. How lazy is Sacred Seven by episode five? The past two episodes have been complete filler. Brace yourselves because you’re about to be blown away by the revelation… this is Sacred Seven’s beach episode. And it’s in the first half. If that doesn’t scream “We’re tired of working on this!” I don’t know what does.

Okay, so Ruri, Kagami, Alma and everyone else with even a vague connection to the plot is on holiday on an exotic island. And of course it just happens that this island plays host to a long buried Dark Stone. After regular beach shenanigans and frolicking among the rocks, Wakada, who’s Alma’s classmate with a rock fetish, discovers the entrance to a cave. Meanwhile, Hellbrick senses that there’s a Dark Stone in there, so Kagami takes his silly mech to try and find it. It’s never stated what the purpose is, and even Hellbrick tells him that it’s long buried and not much of a threat.

Yep, totally harmless.

But hey, if characters in anime never made rash decisions for the hell of it, we’d be short quite a few series. Anyway, he gets a powerful laser outfitted on his mech and heads in, where he gets assailed by red stone spider things. Alma and Ruri go looking for it themselves, before a fissure opens in the earth and engulfs them both. Apparently nobody else took much heed of it, so every other boring character is out for the rest of the episode. The two are separated, and Ruri somehow stumbles on Kagami fighting off the red stone bug things.

By chance, they stumble on the chamber with the Dark Stone, which tries to crush them both. Meanwhile, Alma walks around under their feet being pecked at by those strange bugs. Kagami and Ruri discover that Alma’s underneath them, give him the crytal that he needs, and the Dark Stone is blown away along with the top of the mountain. Naturally, everyone goes home happy, and our episode ends.


I didn’t think the content of this episode was bad at all. For a filler episode, it had more action than other series with similar beach episodes do… it’s just bad for what it represents. It’s a creativity brick wall, one that entertains with its stupidity, but does little to distinguish itself. At almost the halfway point, Sacred Seven hasn’t done itself too many favors. While it isn’t taking itself as seriously as it did at first, there’s still a feeling that Sunrise has no idea just what they want to do with it. I can honestly see it dropping what semblance of a plot it has in favor of more episodes like this, and that’s a damn shame.

I won’t pretend that I think Sacred Seven has potential. It’s nothing but dumb fun, plot or no, and it’s now aware of this fact, reflected in the laughable yet not entirely intolerable writing. Whether it will play up its strengths and make the last few episodes at least a graceful disaster is still up in the air.

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