Sacred Seven Episode 6: The Return of the Designated Villain Junkie

With what I assume were the writers being whipped back into line in regards to finishing this damn show, Sacred Seven has returned to its main plot… or its resemblance to a plot. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll miss the troll opening that gg threw in. I know that I did.

So in this episode of Sacred Seven, we’re back to the same old song and dance… if that song and dance involved some Ruri kidnapping goodness. Kijima Night, not content with being a second rate villain who does nothing, plans on being a second rate kidnapper to take some of the serum to keep himself from descending into madness from Ruri’s body.

Meanwhile, at school, Ruri mistakes Alma feeling awkward at accepting her lunch and calling the situation annoying as him calling her annoying. How she made that connection when he willingly spends so much time with her, I don’t know, but she dwells on it for the rest of the episode. It gets annoying rather quickly, but thankfully it’s only brought up a couple of times past that. But really, Ruri worries over nothing and it doesn’t add much other than her acting gloomy. That might do something for some folks, but the plot details don’t count on it.

No, the real victim in this episode is Kagami. For Ruri’s sake, he’s harassed by members of the geology club while polishing a phallic looking rock, pretty much has your standard “Look over there, a distraction!” pulled on him so Night can kidnap Ruri, and just ends up screwed over more times than not. And naturally, he has too much pride to ask Alma for help, even when doing so would end the whole kidnapping scenario so much sooner. He may be an annoying pretty boy, but nobody deserves to get whipped around at the whims of a pretty boy villain and a spoiled rich girl.

As for the fights… well, they’re better this time around. That’s still not saying they’re of astounding quality, but I’ve seen far worse. They cut away a bit too much, have too much flash, but at least remain entertaining even when substance is at a minimum. I can’t say it ended on much of a cliffhanger, but anything that isn’t last week’s gag OP just isn’t as entertaining as it could be.

If it were left at that, I’d say that Sacred Seven is something entirely mediocre, but watchable. But one thing nags at me as I watch: Why was Night injected with that drug if he were just going to be tossed aside anyway? Did the people who did it want him to return to their facility to attempt a raid on them every now and then? If so, then why are they considered the good guys? It follows the Trix Rabbit principle of having a designated villain want something that can be easily reproduced, but the good guys keep it out of his grasp for the simple reason of keeping it where he can’t have it. It’s not real moralizing, it’s just shoddy storytelling.

In short, nobody is really sympathetic in this. It’s understandable why Night would want to get revenge on the people who gave him a drug needed to keep him from going insane, but he looks like a tool. Alma doesn’t do much except stand there scowling, and scowls are hard to sympathize for. Ruri overreacts to Alma not wanting her lunch, then gets kidnapped, making her too annoying to feel sorry for. Kagami’s the only one that I remotely feel for, having his master taken out from under his nose and being harassed by geology club girls. Even that doesn’t make him a great character.

Sacred Seven is dull, but at least it’s back to having a plot and oddly shaped statues and characters who almost look embarrassed to be in this show.

3 Replies to “Sacred Seven Episode 6: The Return of the Designated Villain Junkie”

  1. Ahhh….I’m really debating about whether to pick up this show or not….

    Judging from what you’ve been writing, it does seem to be worth giving a try; however, I seem to require a lower degree of expectations for this show. From what you’re saying about all that filler and digression, it seems rather uninteresting because, in a short series, I think, no show has the time to afford to digress from the main point.

    Otherwise, we could end up with a crap show.

  2. GG you need to redo every opening! I ❤ you guys.

    This series is entertaining but so predictable at times! Like with the seventh episode you can totally call out the "true" bad guy easily well not that you can't figure it out earlier I know most people already knew who they would hate.

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