Kamisama no Memo-chou, Episode 6: Why is everyone a freaking NEET

I know I’m late. At least, better late than never.

You know you cannot resist.

Well usually I don’t like making excuses when it comes to my failure on being punctual, I do have something to say this time ^^. While I’m free to blog most of the time, the fact that I had an English exam to write was rather annoying and thus, took precious time off my blogging schedule. Furthermore, I was held back even more by the failure of my current ISP in Asia. Lots of fun right?

Anyways, as usual, I’m sure the readers here at RabbitPoets have little concern about my IRL  and just want to read/stare at the article, so without further ado, let’s get that started.

As new evidence for those that have been following my discussion from my KamiMemo 05  post about whether KamiMemo is “episodic” or not, KamiMemo 06 is a testament to my belief that it’s not. For the first time, KamiMemo has had a case that’s longer than 2 episodes. While in its current state, I’m sure the case will be resolved in KamiMemo 07, but I’m positive that this certainly will not be the last multi-episode case we will be seeing. Thus, I prove my point.

Wait a minute...I think I've seen this somewhere before...somewhere...

Before I start summarizing this episode, I’m going to tell you guys straight up first that I’m NOT going to summarize the whole thing. This is mainly because, the actual plot-specific details are kept at a minimum in the episode. Thus, this actually doesn’t give me much stuff to say, other than comment and put captions on funky photos.

So, with the start of the episode, KamiMemo 06 begins exactly where it left off last week. After Narumi coincidentally meets Renji at the zoo, the two share the “sworn brother” drink kind of thing. Haven’t we seen this before? Yes we have. Haven’t we seen where that emblem on Renji’s came from? Yes we have. Do we know he’s a NEET? No we don’t. Okay, so from their zoo encounter, we get to know that Renji is actually a NEET and that he once had friends in Tokyo, but had to fled to Osaka to escape the clutches of men who wanted their borrowed money back. This also reveals to us that, Renji, while he does speak in Kansai-ben “sometimes”, he’s actually a pure Tokyo dude.

I was actually quite surprised how Narumi was able to pick up that little detail about Renji. Even I didn’t notice how Renji switches from Kansai-ben to standard Japanese sometimes. You know in a way, this reminds of Sherlock Holmes. Mainly because Watson starts out kind of retarded when it comes to this detective stuff, but the more time he spends with Holmes, the more Watson becomes competent himself. Anyways, back to the story.

DUN DUN DUN DUN! *cue dramatic music*

After Renji and Narumi’s encounter at the zoo, Narumi goes home all happy and what not because he has “shared the sake” with another guy, which is kind of funny, because they did it with cheap-ass zoo coffee. Anyways, after a couple of events, Narumi goes to Yondaime at his request and finds out that Yondaime knows who the culprit is (of stealing the T-shirts and masquerading around town as the same gang).  Judging by the picture above, I’m sure you know what I mean.

Okay, so it turns out that Renji and Yondaime has had quite a turbulent past. While being former bruddies, they somehow got into a fight and never spoke again. They didn’t even text each other. Jeez, they sure are good friends. So, with the return of Renji, it seems that Renji hopes to use members of former gangs that he and Yondaime had crushed before and is using them to go on and try to start a huge gang war with Yondaime’s group. Wow. This is kind of far off from what I expecting…and there I was thinking that I could hear some sort of insert song during this episode from the girl band that Yondaime’s looking after…

Now that we are going into something completely unexpected, Yondaime for some reason still tells Narumi to get check out concert venues, but underneath, Yondaime is more or less tracking Narumi for various reasons such as to protect Narumi and to see if Narumi is working with Renji.

There really isn't a suitable caption for this, but I just had to include it.

So yeah, as Narumi goes to check out venues with Ayaka, Yondaime sends 2 bodyguards with them, who both seem….quite…incompetent. Anyways, after a while, Narumi decides to ditch the bodyguards, but just as they were about to enjoy some freedom, WHAM! Another plot twist. Narumi and Ayaka are ganged up on by Renji’s group, which is very weird because, we were given the impression that Renji and Narumi are BFFs now. So, while all seems to be lost, Tetsu, yes that team-killer from episode 03, comes out of nowhere and beats down all the wannabe gangsters. Damn that guy is good.

After some explanation and etc, Narumi goes to see Alice, who is very displeased. Did I mention this is one of the few times we get to see Alice in this episode? I can’t say I’m not displeased, but really, Alice hasn’t been and isn’t meant to be involved in this case, so I kind of get it.

While Alice basically hands Narumi the tsundere-service, the two have some good moments and SOMEHOW get to sleep with each other in Alice’s bed. By sleeping with each other, I mean they literally sleep on the same bed together. No midnight groping or anything. Relax people, there’s still hope.

So why did Narumi go to Alice? Well there are several reasons. Firstly, Narumi needs Alice’s support and asks her for some help/information. Secondly, Alice is not pleased with Narumi putting himself in all that danger, thus she felt the need to scold him. Thirdly, Alice wants to give Narumi an owl as a “omamori” to protect him when he is going to go give Renji’s shirt back.

I...am...speechless. This is simply too moe AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Wait what? Owl? Okay, that owl, I think, is an allusion to Athena, the Greek Goddess of War. One of her symbols is the owl, thus I think that’s what Alice represents in this case. Next. What? Why is he going to give Renji’s shirt back?! Well, there needs to be a spark to the giant gang war. Also, Renji has requested it back.

On the early morning, Renji meets up with Narumi to get Renji’s shirt back, but Narumi doesn’t bring it. Instead, Narumi brings questions and what not, but before any action can occur, the ending theme comes in.

So a couple of things. I have not seen such an epic cliffhanger since…since…DRRR!!. Maybe I just don’t watch drama shows that much, but this certainly is enough to justify my immense anticipation of episode 07. Also, this is the first time where KamiMemo’s ED comes in at the perfect moment and the music even matches the mood. It’s that tingling sensation up your spine when everything comes together.

Okay, so I guess I lied about not discussing everything, because I think I covered all there is to cover. Another thing, while I did plan on this being one of my shorter blog posts…it turned out to be longer than my average 1K words articles.

Anybody jelly yet?


Okay enough of that BS. Critically speaking, KamiMemo has been picking up it’s quality. While the show did kind of dip down in terms of how interesting it was, I think I’ve not been so engaged to a show in a long time. This in no way means I don’t think other shows such as HanaIro are as intense, but to me, seeing KamiMemo being THIS interesting is just simply amazing. Although it may seem quite mediocre to others, as long as I like it, who cares.

I’m not saying I like KamiMemo because of Alice or anything in terms to do with my crazed fanboy beliefs, but rather, KamiMemo really isn’t a bad show. If you are here for Alice only, then you will think it’s bad. If you are here for action and plot like DRRR!!, then you will think it’s mediocre. If you are here for a weekly show and look to be entertained at a modest level, then look no further. I can’t stress enough that, like HanaIro, KamiMemo is one of those shows that should be limited to a “once a week” kind of exposure. This is because, both KamiMemo and HanaIro really give the audience time to sink in the information and the fact that both shows provide “sudden plot twists”, which makes them really similar. Thus, to me, this is simply just perfection because I don’t have time to be watching anime all day long.

So, since you’re all so tired of reading this hunk of black and white text, I’ll end this post with another cute picture of Alice. At least she’s soft on the eyes.

"Kind of", Narumi? Really? It should be "really". I kind of want to punch you in the face now.



8 Replies to “Kamisama no Memo-chou, Episode 6: Why is everyone a freaking NEET”

    1. Yi! How can you not be such an awesome show!

      Haha I can see you can recognize my fervor for Alice. Under Snippy-neechan’s advice, I’m trying to integrate a form of crazed fanboy tone in my writing of this series. Hopefully it doesn’t get too annoying 😀 ^^

  1. At first, I thought Narumi and Renji has some bromance going on. But anyway, this is the reason why I like Alice, she’s not an annoying tsudere who just randomly nags, she actually does it with touch of sense and care.

    Btw, just to add on your Athena’s allegory, Athena also symbolizes the goddess of wisdom. That being said, the owl perfectly reflects Alice being as a NEET detective (a smart girl who engages in mental war).

    Thanks for this nice read Sabishii-tan~

    1. Thanks for the compliment as usual Snippy-neechan~

      Yeah in a way…I could somehow see some sort of a twisted yaoi bromance starting, but then when things started to unfold…that dream kind of vanished. Wait…no…it wasn’t a dream…it was a “expectation”.

      Hmm, you know, Alice’s tsundere service reminds strongly reminds me of Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari. While Senjougahara’s tsundere was rather extreme, a lack of a softer side to her makes her a failure in comparison to Alice. This I think, is mainly because Alice’s “dere” side is so obvious that it makes her seem more human and plausible.

      Hahaha, of course I expected you to elaborate on my Athena allegory. I knew someone would pick up on it ^^

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