Sacred Seven Episode 7: Real Villains Don’t Wear Bike Shorts

This week, Sacred Seven tried and failed to present a moral dilemma for its characters. It could’ve actually worked if they didn’t have our apparently exercise-obsessed villain outright state “Ahaha! We are so evil, but now Ruri and Alma might find out that we’re the real bad guys!” at the end. Thank you, Sacred Seven, I was actually attempting to remember the events of previous episodes, rather than block them out of sheer boredom, before you came around and ruined any sense of mystery.

Let me tell you, this episode was just brimming with revelations that would have been mindblowing, were they revealed before Sacred Seven descended into blatantly unnecessary filler. After all, everyone who’s still watching probably guessed that the mysterious organization with ambiguous motives hunting Kijima Night is apparently the real villain. I mean Night looks evil and broody, so I guess it was supposed to be a surprise.

Either way, he still looks like a tool.

It probably doesn’t help matters that Night seems bored of being the villain. Seeing that Ruri rather easily escaped her shackles to attack Fei, his assistant/ward, and he brought Alma along to give his explanation as to why he’s so broody, he’s apparently quit the whole kidnapping people for sustenance lifestyle. I guess it can be a sign that he’s resigned to his fate of being forever turned into a Dark Stone, regretful of his unpleasant lifestyle, but laziness is most likely to blame. Apparently he’s also aware of Fei’s supposedly dead brother becoming a Dark Stone (Spoiler Alert), but neglects to tell her. So much is wrong and inconsistent on his end, that I can’t even be bothered to come up with a proper list.

Kagami, the only character aside from Alma who isn’t dull enough to make damp sponges seem interesting by comparison, also has one role this entire episode before dropping off the face of the planet. All he does is tell Alma not to follow him, which he does anyway, and points out that he knew that Alma followed him before driving away with Hellbrick and never being heard from again… at least for the episode.

Believe me when I say that this is seriously all the substance in this week’s Sacred Seven.  Loyalties are meant to be turned on their head, but there’s absolutely nothing that will change after this episode, no matter how much it believes so. And to add to the utter pointlessness of it all, the OP and ED are switched around with different animations.

In conclusion, Sacred Seven is dull. It’s not even laughably bad, there’s just nothing redeemable about it aside from a decent opening song that’s been relegated to the role of ED by Sunrise’s Office of Arbitrary Changes. I was so bored that I kept taking breaks to fold laundry and bake cookies (Seriously, three batches were made because I was that bored), which really tells volumes about the quality. The cookies, you’ll be pleased to know, were delicious.

What’s even sadder is Sacred Seven seems bored with itself. The characters all interact with the same electrifying energy that one would a phone survey, and the plot’s gotten so disjointed and spread thin, that there would be nothing to keep anyone watching if they decided to up and quit. I apologize if this post lacked a sense of coherence, I’ve been rather spaced out for the past two or three days.

4 Replies to “Sacred Seven Episode 7: Real Villains Don’t Wear Bike Shorts”

  1. Are those…actually the things you made Inu-chan?

    LOL “fold laundry”….that must’ve meant it was really THAT bad. Sorry to hear that it sucks~~and I there I was thinking that at least it would be somewhat good cuz Sunrise is making it.

    1. Those aren’t the actual Russian tea cakes, just a picture I found on Google Images. They are what I made though, three batches worth.

      Some people like S7, but to me it’s almost worthless. I don’t particularly hate any characters, which is great, but the plot is… yeah.

  2. Cooookiesssss 😀

    Well I would agree with you S7 doesn’t really have the most amazing characters, they all seem very generic like Alma the main hero! He acts a bit like Ichigo on bleach but not a protective well yet only seven episodes in. Not that I expect something amazing to happen soon only twelve episodes it might be headed to season two D:

    Yeah plot is dragging on slowly.

  3. I haven’t seen S7, but yea I’ve been reading other reviews about it and I guess it’s not as good as it looks. Too bad.
    But on the other hand . . Those cookies look delicious 🙂

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