A Blue Exorcist Double Feature: 15 and 16

These episodes are pretty great and action packed! Story progression here we come! Warning, spoilers ahead!

Episode 15

We picked up from 14, where we have the gang in Exwire summer camp where they came across this thing:

Go giant Zombie Butterfree!

After getting captured Rin tries to persuade his comrades to go on with out him. Though of course, they completely ignore him and Bon utters an Aria just in him for all of them to escape the demon.

They all get to the center of camp with the lantern, just when someone pops in unexpectedly.

Shura acts quickly by summoning a barrier  and dowsing the students in holy water. The young Ex Wires  then become disturbed to learn that Amaimon is after them. Things go from bad to worse when Shiemi walks blindingly into the forest thanks to a leach looking parasite that the Earth Demon King embedded in the back of her neck.

Rin follows Shiemi into the woods and has a show down with Amaimon. However, despite Shura’s advice in the beginning, Rin ultimately decides to unsheathe his sword so that he could unleash his blue flames. Everything seems to be going well. Rin appears to be holding out on his own. Though trouble could be looming for our young devil:



Episode 16

If you couldn’t gather from that picture above, Rin’s sword is now cracked. This is bad. Very bad. Rin becomes so uncontrollable to the point that he’s practically foaming at the mouth and snarling like a feral cat. Shura and Yukio ready their weapons. It’s been already made clear that Rin has lost all control and if they have to do the unmentionable…They are just going to have to do it. All of the sudden Shiemi jumps in and..

Uses the power of love to coax Rin back to normal?

Salior Moon would be proud.


If Rin’s  sword crack isn’t bad enough, Shura and Mephisto are summoned to court by the current Paladin Arthur Auguste Angel.

Yukio then breaks the news to his other students and almost everyone dosen’t seemed bothered by it…

Well, everyone except Konekomaru. The students then decide that they want to help Rin, and from there the Ex wires take the demon sword to be repaired. Though after a bit of a travel to a female swords smith, it seems that repairing Kurikara proves to be quite the most tedious endeavor.



These episodes where pretty good in their own way. Finally, we get a whiff of a plot happening! 15 was prefect follow up episode, and that cliff hanger on episode 16 was really something.

I have a feeling that this series is going full speed ahead. Not to ruin anything plot wise, but I wonder what Mephisto has up his sleeve. Well, let hope the next couple of episodes in the next double feature doesn’t disappoint…


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