Rabbit Poets is now brought to you from the west coast

Interrupting your regularly scheduled program with breaking news…


This isn’t exactly groundbreaking news per se, but over the past week, I’ve been driving from the east coast of the US, to the west coast of the US and have finally settled into a little town called Los Angeles. Which means… absolutely nothing as far as blog posts go, but it does mean half the RP team now hails from the western time zone.  It also means I might try to snag me one of those nifty press passes if I can make it to Anime Expo this summer. Well then, carry on.

13 Replies to “Rabbit Poets is now brought to you from the west coast”

  1. That would be pretty cool if you could. And welcome to the West Coast. Do enjoy not being stuck at the foot of the eastern Sierra Nevadas for me, mmkay?

  2. Welcome to my time zone boss! I didn’t know that you meant a “relocation” when you told me that you were going to be on the road!

    Haha, do grab a press pass for Anime Expo! And while you’re at it, maybe grab me one too??! ^^~~~~

  3. Nice to have another fellow anime fan/blogger in SoCal ^_^ What part of LA did you move to exactly? As you may know, I live in LA too. Not the city part but in the San Fernando Valley, about a 20-30 minute drive from downtown. Perhaps we can meet up sometime? And if not, I hope to see you at AX ’12 at least =D

    1. I’m near UCLA. San Fernando Valley is north right? Yeah, we should definitely meet up sometime, and if not, hopefully AX. Would love to finally be part of those blogger get togethers 🙂

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