Sacred Seven Episode 8: This is Just Depressing

I watch you when you sleep.

Sorry that this post was put up later than usual. It’s just that after watching this episode of Sacred Seven, I couldn’t for the life of me think of anything interesting to say. Seriously, I wracked my brain for two days trying to find a way to say in none too succinct a manner that this episode was boring.

It was so horribly banal, so contrived, so pointless, that I actually paused less than halfway through to catch up on the unbelievably stupid Grenadier, and to take screencaps of characters in the Kanon VN saying “Dickballs”. What’s sad is I can say that doing both of those was a million times more productive than watching this episode of Sacred Seven, and I actually felt a part of my soul die a horrible death at the thought of going back to finish things up. Continue reading “Sacred Seven Episode 8: This is Just Depressing”