A Blue Exorcist Double Feature: 17 and 18

In episode 17, Rin’s full potential is witnessed for the first time in the series, and in episode 18, a very unlikely person succumbs to the darkness. Warning! Possible spoilers ahead!

Episode 17

In a shocking turn of events the High Council actually agrees to take up Mephisto’s bargain: Rin could be kept alive under the condition that he becomes the savior of Assiah.


Of course you do...


After all the hoopla in the Vatican, the teachers at True Cross Academy are briefed by Mephisto in regards to Rin’s current situation. They all must keep an eye on Rin and, well, resort to more drastic measures should he not be able to control his power.  With that said, Mephisto puts Shura in charge of  putting our little demon spawn through what can be described as some sort of special training (No, not that kind of special training, you perverts.  Then again, with that kind of outfit I don’t really doubt it.) that would enable him to use his Blue Flame ability properly.

So there you have it, Yuiko is glad that his brother gets to live. Shura is excited for the fact that she gets to teach that brat a thing or two about proper sword fighting. And Rin is determined more than ever to become a high ranking exorcists.  Everyone is peachy keen. Well, except for one person…




Episode 18

An Evil Demon is loose again in True Cross Academy for the second time. However, instead of dealing with a rather ugly dog corpse, the demon in questions is a rather powerful entity.


Meet Gale. He’s a demon that will play into your most brutal of fears so that he could con you into doing his evil bidding. Oh, and his latest victim?

Someone whose developed a secret hatred for Rin.

My Thoughts

Episode 17 was pretty intense, you really get a grasp of what Rin is capable of, and it’s pretty impressive. One you witness Amaimon vaporizing into a cloud of charcoal dust you come to realize that Rin’s power is no joke.

In Episode 18’s case, things get a bit darker with Gale.  I didn’t want to give away too much with this episode. This is one of those episodes where you  simply need to watch how it unfolds really. Yes, even though it ended on a bit of cheesy note 18 was still pretty decent.

However, my only pet peeve with this episode, (And feel free to disagree with me here, if you wish) is that the audience isn’t clued into as to why Gale is so deadly. Okay, I understand the whole manipulating people bit, however, I couldn’t help but feel that this guy needed a mini back story at the least. Of course, as soon as I thought this I then realized that this series likes to drag the audience through the mud with it’s tedious back stories, and then figured that perhaps an explanation wasn’t really all that needed.

Overall, not bad. I admit I was starting to worry about B.E. for a little while just when I started to notice that the series was falling into a typical “monster of the week” type of anime. Demon appears, Rin slays it, everyone lives happily ever after.

But despite my fears, I’m thinking that maybe 19 and 20 have more to bring to the table. Shura mentioned something about a desolate laboratory that the Vatican shut down years ago in the last episode. What could that mean? Who knows. Though if there’s one thing for sure it’s that there’s something fishy is going on around this school and I want to find who the heck is stirring up all this trouble. Well, if one thing’s for sure it’s the fact that the person/thing behind all of this is one crafty and ultimately sneaky son of a gun…

Damn you, Neuhaus.


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