Fall 2011 Anime Season Non-Preview

This is not a preview. At least, not in the traditional sense. I’m trying to break away from the standard season preview format. This is not quite where I want to be, but a transition. This post is more about the shows specifically each of us is willing to stand behind or at least is curious about before the season starts. More thoughts, less info. Because, by this point, you probably have a good sense of what shows are out there and the details behind them. In case you aren’t though, there’s the one chart that rules all, and probably my top 3 for standard previews: Sekijitsu, Sea Slugs, and The Cart Driver. Anyway, the new season starts tomorrow, and it will be definitely good. -RP

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How to do Plot Twists in the TV Tropes Era

Why Modern Plot Twists Sometimes Meet With Derisive Laughter


In recently watching Blood-C Episode 11, and reading some viewer reaction to it, a certain fact became abundantly clear to me. That fact is that “Anime creators and writers have not adapted their storytelling approach for the TV Tropes era”. This is something I’ve suspected for awhile now, but Blood-C’s latest episode turned my suspicion into knowledge. So this blog entry is dedicated to exploring how to do effective plot twists in the TV Tropes era.

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Sacred Seven Episode 11: Camp and Pointless as Hell, and That’s Why I Love It

aka, the Meido Army Moves Out Again

Finally, in the penultimate episode, the plot is kicking into high gear. By kicking into high gear, I mean blaming it on the formerly ambiguous villain, who’s now straight on campy and evil to a bizarrely enjoyable degree. The plot’s thin as can be and almost nonsensical and too convenient with its twists and turns, but Sacred Seven never claimed to be high art in the first place. And I’ll tell you, this is about as lowbrow as anime gets while still remaining surprisingly enjoyable.

It may be the lack of sleep tinting my view of this otherwise mediocre series, but I found this episode to have what most of the previous episodes lacked—over the top, cartoonish violence and the straight “Screw you, I want to be a god!” motivation for the villain. Continue reading “Sacred Seven Episode 11: Camp and Pointless as Hell, and That’s Why I Love It”

Hello, again.

Watching Daikichi take care of Rin while she was sick brought about a heartwarming feeling. I remembered all the times my parents took care of me when I was sick. No words can express my thanks for their love and tender care. That is why now as an adult, I will return that care to them tenfold.

As RP mentioned in early June, I had to stop blogging at Rabbit Poets because of a family emergency. All the responsibilities, once shouldered by my parents, were shifted onto me. I assumed the role of Daikichi, and my sick family member took on Rin’s role. Episode 10 of Usagi Drop reminded me what every day of my summer was like. These past few months have been like a roller coaster ride and it has finally come to a stop. I have settled into my new lifestyle and now have the time to watch anime, read manga, and blog again. Thank you for having me again. I am happy to be back.