Kamisama no Memo-chou, Episode 7: Of course, women are always the cause of all wars!

If you think about a lot of historic conflicts, it makes all the sense in the world.

Small subs, I know, blame MPCstar~

Yeah, I know…

My subs are really small this week. I don’t know why, but after the most recent MPCstar update, my subs suddenly turned really tiny. Although watching on fullscreen wasn’t so bad, but I know, as I am uploading these photos, I can barely see the subs myself, so I apologize in advance if I cause y’all any inconvenience~

Alright, having known that UTW already subbed KamiMemo 08 on 8/27, I’m gonna keep this post a bit short. Also, I’m just going to add random screenshots for the sake of comic relief and making sure this isn’t TOO boring for y’all~!

For those of you who’ve been following and watching this new “arc”, you would know that KamiMemo 06 left off on a meeting between Narumi and Renji. However, instead of some sort of a brawl followed by damsel-in-distress type of action I was expecting, we get to know a little more about the relationship between Renji and Yondaime.

As Renji recollects his past, we learn that Renji and Yondaime were once BFFs and that they had lived with some hot chick called Hison who gave them room & board. With both men falling in love with Hison, they both declared that they would not go after her unless one of the two found a better girl. That being said, both Renji and Yondaime repelled off any men who dared to approach Hison, and thus, pretty much shows how much they wanted her.

To be moe and all cuddly? Hell yes Narumi!

Well? How did that relationship go sour? Did Yondaime knock up Hison? Not quite, but it certainly had to do with something between the two. Anyways, as Renji puts it, Yondaime apparently used Hison as a meat shield to get away or something of the sort. With that being sad, that concludes Renji past.

See what I mean in the title now? Well not specifically ALL wars, but some wars.

So after learning all that random mass of information, Narumi goes back to doing his day job on helping with the band (the K-ON wannabes in case you forgot). While on the job, Narumi visits that cloth shop where he met Yondaime by accident a few episodes back. After a short chat with the PECULIAR  shop owner, Narumi finds out the shop owner can’t really stand well due to an injury to the abdomen area in the past.

Personally, at this point, it looks ultra-ultra fishy because, in the flashback when Yondaime “used” Hison as a meat shield, it shows that Hison was stabbed in the abdomen area as well. Also, in Episode 05, if I recall correctly, the shop owner is fairly friendly with Yondaime and Yondaime is totally submissive to the shop owner. Get my drift? Just a theory, but with KamiMemo, I think, keeping all options open would be the smarter choice of action.

Anyways, back to the plot summary. After finishing his business, Narumi calls up Yondaime and try to persuade him to make a request to Alice about finding out Renji’s current motives. After pretty much getting shut down, Narumi returns to the ramen shop all dejected of sorts and… look who shows up.

Trollface, they do it well.

That Yondaime guy.

Okay before I get to that, there’s actually some pretty interesting things that happened in the short span of time that Narumi returned to the ramen shop.

1. I found out Ayaka is actually pretty moe too! Talk about being a dark horse!

Tap that, I would.

2. I also found out Ayaka has nice legs. Narumi approves too.

You can't blame the man for noticing the features you emphasize with your short skirt.

Anywho, back to the plot.

So after Yondaime comes, he formally makes a request with Alice…which pretty much reveals that the rest of the NEET group were literally ALREADY involved in the case. Having been already informally on the case, the NEETs have actually acquired quite a boat load of information.

Speaking of information, this man does it spectacularly.

Sex? Hot girl? Job? NEET? Wait, what? Those things don't fit together on one line!

So after quite a bit of filler blah blahs~, it is uncovered that Hison was actually the Gotunda gang’s leader’s mistress. Okay, so I guess that definitely threw a curveball into the situation. Next, we discover that Hison, while being the leader’s mistress, is obviously hot, so she got knocked up. How does that lead to her “death”? Well, being a leader, you must have a waifu. And having a waifu means, she’ll get jelly when you cheat on her. So what does waifu do? Stab the shit out of your pregnant hot mistress.

Okay, a burst of fanboy-ism there, but I’m sure you’re all used to it by now.

Anyways, as we know, Yondaime was present at the scene when Hison got stab raped so he must know everything right? Well he does. Does Renji know the full side to everything? Nope. What backs up the theory of “Yondaime not using Hison as a meat shield and the waifu stabbing”  is mainly eyewitness (cue sexy lady in bed in picture above), Yondaime’s hugeass scar on his left shoulder, and some money wire-ings here and there.

So, with that, it pretty much ends the episode. Now that the truth is known by Narumi and Alice, Narumi must find a way to get the truth to Renji before Renji literally “fucks up” all of Yondaime’s plans.

Oh and, before I forget. Uber-moe Alice is not pleased.

Even when she's mad, I still like her. A LOT.

So what did I think of the episode in general?

Well first things first, remember my argument about whether KamiMemo would be an episodic or non-episodic? Well, this episode pretty much backs up what I say. Thus, I win. On a different outlook, I liked how this episode started out with a bang (the impact backstory) and then moved into something you could see that can be formulated into a good ending to the case. As with most KamiMemo cases, I really enjoy all of the curveballs they throw into the plot. I think, that way, it distinguishes this show out from other moe-detective stuff.

Ah well, since I haven’t seen Episode 08 yet, which is already out by the way, I can’t comment or speculate on the actual conclusion, which if I do, will make me look like quite foolish to people who’ve watched it already.

Anyways, expect a followup of KamiMemo 08 within a few days ^^!

You jelly?




6 Replies to “Kamisama no Memo-chou, Episode 7: Of course, women are always the cause of all wars!”

  1. Better late than never!

    I’ve been waiting for your post for ages….man….I thought you dropped it.
    Speaking of dropping, did you drop The IdolM@ster? Your posts on it seems to have stalled on the 3rd episode.

    Regardless, I haven’t seen Kamisama no Memo-chou’s episode 8 yet, thus I can’t say for sure what happens as well. In terms of your “theory” as you put it, it doe seem to make sense. With a show like Kamisama no Memo-chou, I don’t think they would like to point out minor details for no purpose. As you’ve said, Kamisama no Memo-chou has all of those wacky endings that one cannot expect, thus I’m going to keep all options open as well.

    Nice read Sabishii-kun!

    P.S. I also noticed how Ayaka was kinda cute too! I liked how your screenshots perfectly captures her super-moe expression! (^_^)b Good timing!

    1. Nah, I’m in Asia at the moment and my internet has been nothing but terrible. I know I’m late on iM@S, but seeing that I already have trouble getting out KamiMemo, as you can see, I don’t think doing iM@S for now is a good idea. I will get back on it as soon as I return…which is in a couple of days.

      Yeah I certainly think my theory has some backing to it, otherwise, I don’t think I would be retarded enough to propose a flagrantly person belief to the masses.

      I didn’t notice how cute Ayaka was before, but that scene kind of just made me go HNNNNNNNNNNGGGG!!! Ya know?
      I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of Ayaka now!
      Anyways, thanks for reading & commenting!

  2. Actually I haven’t watched this episode yet. So I couldn’t really relate about the topic of the new ark. But when you said the case is all about knocking out dead your pregnant mistress, geez that’s so brutal.

    Anyway, I didn’t know that you’re deliberately posting the subs, I always take screen shots without the subs so that the reader can view the whole picture. Btw, I enjoyed how you pointed out Ayaka’s legs. That was so random but I really liked how you presented it.

    So you’ve proven that Memo-chou isn’t episodic. Although it’s really nice to know that it’s not episodic, I might not be able to catch up because I just got hooked to another anime. However, I’ll still visit your post so that I can get updates about Alice. ^^

    Thanks for the read Sabishii-tan~ ^^

    1. Oh derp,
      We’re still on the same arc that we started with in Episode 05 so there’s no change whatsoever except more elaboration of details and a backstory-go-over. Yeah the pregnant mistress thing is too crazy. Even if the damn whore has your husband’s child, I don’t think it would justify to kill her & the kid. If it were me, I’d hit the damn hubby instead!

      Well I don’t always do it, but sometimes the subs are pretty funny and if the readers didn’t read the subs, well…then they wouldn’t quite get what I’m lol-ing about or referring to.

      Ah yes, speaking about presentation, it was somewhat identical to the format I entered in “exhibits” in my application post for writing on RabbitPoets XD. Yeah, well, you know, I’m a big fan of zettai ryouiki/long legs and all that jazz, so it was hard for me not to notice ^^. No I’m not perverted, just common male teenage behaviour I suppose?

      It’s okay~~ ^^ To tell you the truth, that happens to me ALL the time. It’s like… you start watching Working! and out of nowhere you get hooked by K-ON! lol~~

      LOL Alice posts…speaking of updates….Episode 09 is out….which means I’m pressed to pump out that 08 post soon XD. I’ll try to get on it if jetlag gets the better of me tonight~

  3. If you wanted to make the subtitles bigger in MPCstar, just right-click choose Subtitle –>Subtitle Setting Panel –> Font Size – From there you just increment the size… Just wanted to let you know that…. Great post and more pictures of Alice please 🙂

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