Anime Con Feature: Sabishii’s first anime con- Cos & Effect

Well…not really my “first” con, but at least in North America it is.


Okay, this con actually happened at the very end of July, but I didn’t have the time to write on this con nor did I have the internet to do so, thus I finally decided to “pick up my shit” and pump out this article.

First off, if this post gets a tad bit hectic to read, please bear with me as this is my very first article on a convention that I’ve been to (Oh noes, my con posting virginity *kyaa*). Secondly, since this is my first con that I’ve attended in North America, I was literally what I liked to call neophytes: a “noob”. No, not a boob, but I sure stuck out like one because of my lack of a proper cosplay, but a noob because I hadn’t had the slightest clue of what was going on and what I was supposed to do. Finally, since I pointed out that I’m a “noob”, I didn’t take very good pictures. Or at least, even a decent amount of photos like I should have. Therefore, in retrospect to my somewhat of a failure of a first con, I will make amends when the next con comes along!

Let’s get started shall we?

So the local con in (Amegakure) that I attended was aptly named Cos & Effect. Usually in Amegakure, the con that happens at that time of the year is called Anime Evolution, but it was somehow cancelled. Thus, Cos & Effect became the substitute. Being that this is my first event, I didn’t know just how “grand” Anime Evolution was in comparison, but from the looks of it, it was a lot bigger than Cos & Effect.

At Cos & Effect, the ticket was $28 for the entrance fee. Wait, what? $28 CAD? You nuts? Yeah, this is like 6X what I paid for in a Manga Expo in Taiwan. They even had Kadokawa and other publishers of all sorts. This was just a con with randomvendors! Jeez! Anyways, with $28, you get entrance, a rubber arm band thingy you saw in the top picture, a brochure (which is actually entirely free). In terms of “entrance”, it was literally open to everyone. There were even people who didn’t buy the entrance ticket that could walk right into the convention building and save the $28 on merchandise. I felt kind of ripped off, not just by the extravagant ticket price, but by the fact that there was a dearth of security and exclusivity.

Vendor Area 1F

Anyways, already having a bad taste in my mouth, I walked into the vendor area which…as you can see…is pretty small. Obviously there’s more than one floor, but this is mainly where most of the serious stuff can be bought. In terms of goods, you could get steampunk sculptures, Gachapon, Nendroids, Figmas, handmade merchandise, used DVDs & manga, Gundam kits, Visual Kei accessories, posters, and etc.

In terms of quality of the merchandise, other than the non-handmade items, it wasn’t actually all that bad. However, I did notice that some of the merchandise vendors were selling their goods for an absurd price. I mean come on! A panda-eared toque with an angry vein pin costed $25 CAD! Outrageous! I can get that for less than 80% of that price in ANY expo or con in Asia. Perhaps that’s just North American con pricing that I never knew about. Regardless of which, it still didn’t stop me from buying it. I was in desperate need of something that made me feel more otaku.

Excellent artist booth~

While I was still on the first floor, a particular booth caught my attention the most. Not only did it capture my attention, as you can see, there’s also a crowd of people there too! The artist was selling some quality posters and portraits for a reasonable price. Instead of only selling posters, she also did some commission work for people such as drawing chibi cards, black & white portraits, and full-colour portraits. I was so sold by her drawing style that I bought a chibi card and bought a poster for a combined “deal” of $40.  Although if you put it in terms of her pricing, it is a deal, but to me, a pure Asian, those prices were pretty high for me. Ugh, the sacrifices I must make to get a chibi portrait of myself.

Oh, before I show y’all my chibi card, I’ll let you guys know that the artist’s name is Lisha Lee and she’s an artist that travels around to cons. Although she doesn’t do online commissions, I do suggest you guys go look out for her if she goes to your local con. Check out the rest of her work here:

Ta-Da! Pretty accurate depiction if you ask me~

So after my first floor shopping spree, I headed up to the second floor. At the second floor, it was mainly an artist-feature area where the said artists would be selling posters, tiny accessories, bookmarks, and all that jazz. While I’m a fan of fanmade art, I can’t really bring myself to pay $15 for a bookmark. Now that’s just simply crazy.

2nd floor gallery

Well, that pretty much concludes the “merchandise” portion of my first con. I’ll post a later picture of loot, but for now, the show must go on.

To me, the true purpose of coming to this con was not to buy merchandise, not to get writing materials (actually partially yes), not to look at cosplayers (I lied), not to take photos, not to cosplay, but to go to the cosplay cafe.

While “they” called it the Cosplay Cafe, I would like to accurately refer to it as a M*E*I*D*O Cafe. No, it’s not an acronym, just emphasis on pronunciation. So, being the happy little boy I was, I went to go line up for the “Cosplay Cafe”…and…there was a huge line. Also, I found out they actually had a system. It wasn’t like that of a standard restaurant, but rather they handled customers in batches of 20 or so people and with these people, they entertained them for blocks of 45 minutes each, and rotated shifts & customers accordingly. While I could have chosen a later time to visit, I was ardent on making the 1:3- PM shift because that’s the exact shift when a renowned cosplayer would be a there to serve. Too bad I didn’t get her as my maid, but I certainly got to meet her friend, who was equally stunning.

First thought was: WTF?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention another thing. The pricing for the Cosplay Cafe was $5. Wait what? Everything had been so expensive at the con, so why was the cafe so cheap? Who CARES?! I GET TO SEE MAIDS FOR $5 AND EAT NOMS FOR 45 MINUTES? AND THE $5 IS DONATED TO A HOSPITAL?! OH DEAR LORD THIS IS WHAT I CAME FOR!!!!!!

Precisely explains reaction ^

Oh yes. I love you too~

So what did I have at the Cosplay Cafe? Well, I had a chocolate donut, which was actually damn good, or at least the pretty maids made it taste better, and a can of coke to drink it all down.

Not bad for $5.

What did I do with my Maid-sama? Well, we played Uno for a bit and then we played that “moe moe cosplay cafe jun-ken jun-ken-pon!” (Rock paper scissors a la moe-style) game. Wait that’s it? Correct. Being the shy guy I am, I later felt like I was being a tad bit TOO courteous to the maid and I didn’t use her to the abusive extent I should have. Dang, missed the chance to do all those things I dreamed about doing such as a “fella…” Oops. Let my mind slip there.

Continuing on…

Well, that concludes all I did at Cos & Effect. Usually I would like to stay for later-night events and perhaps try to get into the 18+ events, but being the good Asian boy I am, I had an exam to study for. BOOOO.

But, before a conclusion paragraph…here’s some photos of loot & battle gear:

C-Day Battle Gear (Fail rotate)

So let’s do a summary of events shall we?

  1. Arrival @ 11AM and bought ticket
  2. Toured first floor and bought goodies
  3. Toured second floor and didn’t buy goodies
  4.  Wait in line for 45 minutes for Cosplay Cafe
  5. Finished with cafe and shopped a bit more
  6. Bought more goodies on first floor
  7. Went home at 4:00 PM
And a summary of loot:
Orihara Izaya Poster : $10 (bundle deal)
Chibi-Sabishii Card: $30 (bundle deal)
Bleach Ichigo Vizard: $10
Panda Hat w/ vein: $25
In retrospect of the events, I would definitely say I am quite ambivalent. Part of me wants to say I enjoyed it and part of me wants to say it wasn’t worth my time. I could make excuses and blame my lack of expertise, my lack of a DSLR, my lack of a good cosplay, but when it all comes down to all the negative things, most of it is caused by my own dearth of experience at North American anime conventions. If I had to think in depth about Cos & Effect, it was more of  lesson rather than a “fun hangout”. I learnt several things about the weeaboo culture that exists in North America, especially the fervor with which Caucasians cosplay Vocaloids and Kingdom Hearts. However, aside from the outrageous price on merchandise, I was fairly displeased with myself because I didn’t have a cosplay. Going to conventions in a DannyChoo “Ganbare Nippon” shirt just doesn’t cut. You might get a few looks, a few smiles, a few pictures taken, but really, it’s the cosplays that gets people excited to talk to you. Therefore in a complete wrap-up, I would say that I am definitely going to attend more cons, but I would be more prudent on my choice of attire and at least next time I’ll know EXACTLY what I’m looking for. Who knows, perhaps at the next con, I could be a kuroshitsuji in the Cosplay Cafe? Haha~
Oh and let’s end off on a happier note:
Bad lighting, but the maids are saying goodbye~

And some other funky photos…




11 Replies to “Anime Con Feature: Sabishii’s first anime con- Cos & Effect”

  1. I liked this post. Personally I’ve always wondered how someone from Asia might receive a “North American” Con. And don’t worry about your article Sabishii, thought it was very funny read. I’m surprised you didn’t ask the maid girl to marry you. XD

    But yes, you mentioned the ridiculous prices for merchandise and other stuff, which, unfortunately, is the norm over here.

    One convention that I frequent, the price for a 1 day pass is $24, if you want to spend all 3 days at the con you can expect to shell out a good $58. It’s quite horrible. D:

    1. Thanks Essick!

      I actually have her on Facebook, but figured out she is taken and that she is around 3 years older. Talk about siscon haha!

      LOL…the pricing is something that I think I’ll just have to get accustomed to. Speaking of pricing, your event tickets are actually more expensive! My fare covers the whole event period unlike yours!

      Thanks again for reading!

  2. Great post! Love the pics and the artwork. Lisha draws really well… you know all the bishie fans are now gonna be *squeeing* all your posts now 😛

    I wish the con I went to had a maid cafe – everything at cons seems very expensive – but that would’ve been fun to participate in.

    1. Thanks boss!

      Yeah Lisha sure is talented! Haha I certainly hope so??? XD

      To be honest, I felt so lucky that my con had a maid cafe. What’s even better is how it only took place on the same day I chose to go! Like you said, still a pleasure to go!

      Thanks again for the read, boss!

  3. Sabishii-tan is a “noob” not a boob… haha ^^

    Nice! I’m glad you enjoyed your first Anime Convention. I haven’t been in any though, so I really don’t know how it looks like. But based from your photos it looks fun. Btw are you sure you’re not one of the cosplayers, maybe you were in the photo but you’re not just telling?

    NA convention might be more expensive than in Taiwan, but the thing is your Taiwan flight ticket is way much more expensive. ^^

    Anyway, nice post, very enjoying to read. ^^

    1. LOL a noob not a boob. Internal rhyming. I blame English 12.

      Nah, I’m not one of the cosplayers! I even posted a picture of my C-Day battle gear! Hahaha, even if I did take a picture of myself at the con, it’d be too embarassing to post on here because of my lack of “appropriate con” attire.

      True true, but I only go to those expos because it’s a coincidence that I’m at the right place at the right time. I don’t fly back just for it XD

      Thanks ^^

  4. Ah, I wish I had known about cos&effect earlier. Looks fun to go. Looks like I’ll have to wait next year. Also, wouldn’t the high prices be due to the currency exchange rate between NA and Asia?

    1. Oh cin, you hail from Vancouver too?

      Hahaha…I wish I had known about Cos & Effect earlier too! I got the info literally 3 days before the event! Also, I don’t know if it’ll switch back to Anime Evolution for next year though…

      As for exchange prices, that’s not a factor. When you consider a base rate of exchange of 30 NT/ $1 CAD and look at how manga is roughly $15 per book here in Canada while a book in Taiwan is only 90-110 NT, which is roughly $4 at max. This is just regular bookstore pricing. We haven’t even gotten to convention or expo pricing, so that’s just to paint a picture.

  5. Sabishii-chan kawaii~ !!! … or something to that effect, right?

    Conventions are so expensive! (Not that I remember how much AnimeNEXT cost to get into; you can ask your boss how much he had to shell out, haha!) But at least you bought stuff – that you liked, even if you could’ve paid less for it in Asia. The point is to take advantage of your opportunity while you’re there! As for the ‘missed’ opportunity to ‘do more’ with your personal maid of 45 minutes: there’s always next year. Don’t be shy! It only happens once (a year)! What’s the worst that could happen!? Awkward laugh? “No”? A slap in the face? Security escort off the premises? Life long ban from the convention and all other maid cafes? … Well everything in moderation.

    I didn’t cosplay either and you really do feel out of place. But being slightly ochlophobic, I don’t know if I could handle the attention if I put on an outfit. You have to be able to handle strangers asking (and sometimes not asking) to take pictures, to pose, to pose with you…

    1. Haha~~ Sounds about right. That’s approximately 95% of the reaction I’ve been getting so I guess that’s correct.

      Hmm…I guess I really did “carpe diem” when I got to the event. Price is one thing, having fun is entirely another.

      As for personal maid…I don’t know if there will be a maid cafe and even if, I’m defs applying to be a butler ^^. I’ll just wear my school uniform and pretend to be from Ouran Host Club.

      Well the truth is, I am a VERY shy guy. It literally broke me down when I went to go ask for a photo with Maid-sama. Hence as you can see, I didn’t do any specific 1 on 1 photos with any cosplayers that caught my eye. Speaking of horrible things to do….hmm….definitely. But still, I didn’t just want to take advantage of the poor girl, I want to be FRIENDS. LOL uber cliche, but hey, at least we still talk to each other on Facebook ^^.

      Hahaha “security escort off the premises”? Nah, blindability, I’m fairly certain I’m the most physically capable teen within a 10 meter radius. Nobody detains me…unless it’s a strapping Maid-sama.

      “Ochlophobic”…hmm new word. LOL….I don’t want any unnecessary attention from strangers either but I want to blend in with the crowd, but also pull off a cosplay I would be proud to show, which, if you consider my standards of cosplaying, would probably be a very well-made one. Thus, it could quite get hectic. Then again, at the next con, I’ll most likely either be butlering or doing actual “press”-like work. Therefore, gotta go work on my nerves of steel.

      Thanks for reading blindability!

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