A Blue Exorcist Double feature: 19 and 20

In episode 19, the whole class is throwing Izumo a surprise birthday party. There’s a bit of filler in this episode, however not all the 20 minutes is not all wasted, and that’s something to celebrate. In Episode 20  the plot picks up again, and man…it’s quite the episode. Trust me, it’s what makes though all the needless fluff bearable. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Episode 19

When the episode begins, it’s a typical morning at the cram school for our little Exwires. While the students wait for for Mr. Okumura to arrive, they shoot the breeze by talking amongst themselves when a discussion about birth dates comes up.

After the group compares birthdays, Shiemi then comes to realization that Izumo’s birthday is next week. She then rallies up the rest of the students to throw her a surprise birthday party.

Everyone then starts to act fishy around little miss big brows, and she starts to take notice. Shenanigans ensue. Finally at the end of the episode, Izumo discovers that the group is throwing her a party and gets upset. (What do you expect from a grouch? Seriously.)  Izumo then suggests something rather clever that they all do instead.

The students then get back to work again. Rin bakes a new cake, while the rest of the students put together decorations up all over the class room, so that everyone (not just Izumo) could celebrate their birthday!



Episode 20

Okay, 19 was relatively short of an episode. 20, on the other hand was a rather long winded episode. (Honestly, there was so much going on I had to re watch it to make sure that I got everything.) I’m basically going to give a rough recap of what happened, instead of my usual long winded summery to get the ball rolling here.

A strange demon attacks the monastery (Yes, the same monastery that Rin and Yuiko grew up in) leaving this strange magical web behind and the brother’s beloved priests in these rather grotesques stone hard cocoons.If that wasn’t ominous enough, there’s writing on the walls in polish demanding that the son of Satan be killed.

Rin, like any cocky 16 year old, ultimately reacts to this by running into a dark alley and, well, goes searching for this demon. Of course, the demon does confront him, and we come to find out that it/the demon thing is actually a humanoid of some sort and looks like a villain straight out of Bleach. The demon then closes the Kurikara shut with it’s ultra straight magic web ( Uh oh!) and then swings away from the scene of the crime spider-man style.

Meanwhile, Yukio has found Neahaus in some clock tower in the city, but sadly that crafty SOB escapes. However, don’t  think Yukio is bound to give up! Yukio then plans an entire sting operation along with his fellow professors to bring that mad man down. Again, he find Neahaus, but alas, Yukio is faced with the same disappointing results.

Thankfully, when it came to tracking down the spider demon it actually wasn’t so hard, the thing actually showed up at the boy’s dormitory in the Academy and then…decides to take Yukio, Bon, Renzo and Konekomaru as hostages.

Rin runs into the building, but, oh no! Shura and the other professors had gone in after him and the spyder demon has gotten them trapped in his magical webs too. Now it’s up to Rin to put all that supposed tedious candle training to good use.

My Thoughts

Episode 19 provided quite a bit of unnecessary..er..excess, but thankfully it appears that the god have been hearing my plea. Was there filler? Yes. Like the usual amount that we can expect normal episode? No.

As much as I hate to admit it, the whole birthday theme running though out the episode was pretty clever. Why you ask? We get learn a little bit about our favorite demon twins, and personally if it’s something that deals with fleshing out the Okumura brother’s back story I say anything is fair game. Personally, I thought it was cute when Rin showed everyone his version of a birthday cake.

Also, that conversation that Yukio had with Shiemi about how Father Fujimoto found them was semi-touching in a way.

Oh, and not to go terribly off topic, but speaking of Yukio, (For those of you that are paying attention) I believe we need to keep an eye on him.If you know what I mean.

Now episode 19 was all fine and lighthearted, but that should have been a cue for me to note that 20 was going to have a whole lot going on. At first I was worried that B.E. had fallen into a filler slump again just like it did in the beginning episodes, but it appears that the staff is quite interested in getting the story going.

Of course, as I suspected, Neahaus was behind all of this. Now as for what Mephesto has to do with all of this…Something tells me he was secretly working with Neahaus this whole time.  Now, for what reason? Maybe he wants to kill Rin and he wants someone to do his dirty work? Or perhaps there’s a bigger, more elaborate plan in the works?

Also, within the mists of all this confusion, someone in the writing department decided to add this whole “artificial life” subplot. Hm, starting to sound a little Full Metal Alchemist are we?

But all joking aside, how are they going to fit this all in exactly? With only about 4 episodes to go, can they really wrap this up all nice and snuggly? Half of me wants to be happy that there’s some attempt at depth here, but the other half of me is just thinking that this is just another device created so that people would just stay tuned for next season.

Yukio is feeling pretty down in the dumps for not protecting his brother, meanwhile Mephesto is currently incarcerated in the Vatican prison for conspiracy.  There are only 4 episodes left in this Shonen series, will everything end in dramatic climax? Or a left to be desired cliff-hanger?  We will have to see in the next episodes….









My thoughts

Episode 19

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