Kamisama no Memo-chou, Episode 8: Crying is a manly feature!

That being said, I totally teared up at the end of this episode.

Dang. She was so close to...

So…don’t worry peeps. I’m only one episode behind now and I’m bound to catch up within the next few days!

Anyways, before the usual plot summary, I’d just like to go ahead and say that I love KamiMemo for what is and how the show presents itself. While I do praise KamiMemo for its odd plot twists and what not, I get especially elated whenever I correctly guess the outcome of an arc . Although I make it sound like I’ve done that successfully for every arc so far, I’ve only gotten one ending correct, which is none other than this one. If readers of my previous post would recall, I formulated a “theory” on how this arc would end and how there were some pretty heavy hints on where the story was going. Turns out, I was word for word 100% on the mark.

But yeah, since at least2/3s of this episode was kind of “filler” and extended dialogue, I think this post will be kept a tad bit short.

Alright let’s get started. During the end of KamiMemo 07, we were left with the cliffhanger that Sou-san (Yondaime) had been ganged up upon by Renji’s men and is in “critical condition”. Falling into despair, Yondaime’s men are bent on revenge and manage to obtain & trace Renji’s cell number.

Either I missed a step or two, but since when the hell did Renji call Yondaime’s office? I guess I just to pick that up on the way…

You know a girl is cute when you think she's moe while she puts on her "serious" face

So before the men can go on their crazy rampage, Narumi goes back to Yondaime’s now destroyed office and sees that before Yondaime’s assault, he was in the process of sending Narumi some crucial information. Seeing all that information and coming to a revelation that Renji’s revealing of his cellphone number is a trap, Narumi quickly orders Yondaime’s men to stand down. He also manages to give one of those cliche speeches with the “if you object, then step forward”  type of cheesy lines. Well done Narumi, well done.

After Narumi’s Braveheart-esque speech, Narumi meets with Alice to formulate battle plans during the concert to lure in Renji and nab him & his men. Thus, on the concert day, Narumi purposely creates “tracks” so Renji can follow him…which seriously got me thinking that either Narumi takes Renji for an idiot or Renji is THAT desperate to break Narumi.

Ah well…so after the “lure” SOMEHOW gets carried out successfully, Narumi more or less finally stops at a room, promptly tailed by Renji. In the room, just before all hell breaks loose….


Alice-chan appears. Okay. How she appeared out of nowhere is completely not my business, but I guess that was part of the plan. So with Alice’s sudden appearance, she basically talks Renji down and tells him that firstly, he’s a douchebag and secondly, that he’s gotten everything mixed up.

Okay here’s the part where I got my theory completely correct:

1. That Yoshiki guy is Hison
2. Hison is in disguised as a dude
3. The money Yondaime received was not for himself

Ta-da! What did I tell ya?!

Yeah you tell'em girl!~

And oddly enough…just as Alice is about to wrap up her explanation of events…Yondaime limps in (assuming he somehow escaped from the hospital) and Alice greets him as if he was expected or something. Guess there’s just too much hidden agenda here and there in between KamiMemo’s characters. Perhaps reading the light novels would help.

After Yondaime shows up, apparently Renji and Yondaime are about to commence some sort of a customary duel where they knock the wind out of each other and etc. Okay they should go do that on their own time…

Anyways, after the fight, all is well and people are celebrating the success of the concert. While nothing important happens at the celebration, we do get to see Narumi being forced to drink beer with the rest of the gangsters.

The day after, Narumi goes back to the ramen shop and see that Yoshiki (Hison) made a new towel-like thing for Min-san and that Renji apparently visited the ramen shop just minutes before. However, being the total klutz that Renji is, he totally forgets his glasses at the ramen shop. Rushing up to Alice’s room to find out where Renji went, Narumi finds a somewhat enraged Alice who quickly dishes out the information to him that Renji is about to leave for Osaka on a Shinkansen. After a short rebuke, Narumi gets handed a package, which is none other than Renji’s shirt that Renji has seemingly forgotten about also. Just before Narumi leaves to go to the Shinkansen station to catch Renji,  Narumi says a couple of “touching” lines to Alice which makes her blush fervently and all that. It gets so serious to the point where Alice almost blurts out…. *see initial picture*.

Without further ado, Narumi catches Renji at the station and hands him both the shirt and the glasses. After some final goodbyes and chit-chat, Renji boards the Shinkansen is apparently so moved that he tears up (I did too) when he grabs a seat while thinking of the events that just occurred.

With Alice, there's no rage face or troll face. It's simply just "moe" face 24/7/365.

So with the end of the Renji Hirasaka arc, I think by now, most of the audience should be pretty familiar with some of the more major characters including Yondaime. However, that being said, KamiMemo does draw a really clear line between which characters are of main focus and which are simply extraneous.

Critically speaking, the plot for this arc is essentially plausible, albeit a tad bit more predictable than the others. I’m not sure if it’s because of more hints being dropped or that this one just made sense to me. On the topic of plausibility, this arc does feature some common mystery plot lines such as the waifu murdering mistress kind of thing. While it does feature mundane and more “popular” forms of plots, the method with which KamiMemo deviates from the norm and escapes from mediocrity is by throwing incredulous plot twists. As I’ve come along watching KamiMemo during the Summer season, I’ve come to realize that KamiMemo doesn’t introduce new concepts or pays attention to little details for no reason. Everything in this show happens for a purpose. From the Feketerigo shirt to Yoshiki’s existence, they’ve all been imperative to the plot. Thus, it feels like that when KamiMemo shoots out random details at the audience, the audience can always expect the detail to become symbols due to repetition or immense emphasis.

For example, during this arc, many things contributed to helping the audience figure out the ending:

  1. Yoshiki couldn’t stand up due to “formerly obtained” abdominal injuries
  2. Renji’s shirt
  3. Feketerigo shirt
  4. Alice feeling Feketerigo shirt’s emblem sewing
  5. K-ON! wannabes
  6. Yoshiki calling Yondaime “Hina-chan”
  7. Yondaime’s scar on shoulder
While there’s obviously a lot more, it does pay to zone in on precise details that KamiMemo presents to you during an episode. Repeating what I said before, KamiMemo simply just doesn’t  dish out details and lets them be. It all comes back.
“What goes around comes back around…”    – Justin Timberlake
Yeah. I made a JT reference.
Also, if you guys are wondering why Hison is disguised as a guy, this is because of the injury sustained during her pregnancy caused her to lose her baby and ultimately somehow required her to lose her ovaries as well. Thus, completely stripping her of her womanhood. Oh yeah on a more interesting note, turns out Hison is Korean. Who knew Yondaime and Renji were fans of SNSD?
Anyways, so y’all should get my lil’ discussion about KamiMemo and its details now!See you guys soon! KamiMemo 09 is out, but I have yet to watch it so….yeah. And for those who haven’t watched it, think Denpa Onna episode 12.



2 Replies to “Kamisama no Memo-chou, Episode 8: Crying is a manly feature!”

    1. Nothing in particular, but it was just going on in the background while Yondaime and Renji were getting some things figured out. Near the end of the fight, the song ended. If I recall, the song was being played during that scene…or there were just little snippets of it.

      It wasn’t a “full feature” song if that’s what you expected ^^

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