Usagi Drop, episode 10: Playing hero

If 30-sai was a manual for 30-year old virgins, Usagi Drop is sort of like a manual for 30-year old fathers… of toddlers I suppose… which provides some good advice.

Networking with milfs 101

Daikichi’s visit to Rin’s school, gives us another subtle but powerful scene in which he realizes that his world and network has expanded ever since Rin came into his life.

Illness actually raises cute scores by +5

However, the bulk of the story focused on Daikichi’s feeling of helplessness when Rin gets sick. We get a bit of role reversal as well, as instead of Daikichi being the one to save Kouki’s mom, it’s Kouki’s mom who takes the hero role and teaches Daikichi about staying cool, showing a strong face and making sure Rin feels safe reaching out to Daikichi. Lessons that probably Daikichi missed out on, having missed the whole infant portion of Rin’s life. But it was interesting hearing him comment about how he’d be able to kick the illness without a problem, but then seeing him lose his cool over being unable to help Rin – even though, logically he knows that she’ll be alright. It’s not a life threatening, or unusual illness. I suppose that speaks to how far Rin and Daikichi’s relationship has come though. It’s those people who care about most, that you have the hardest time being logical and cool-headed about.

One happy family

There’s really no time left for Usagi Drop to end on a nuclear happy family note, but I really have enjoyed the many happy family scenes we’ve seen in the past few weeks.

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