Kamisama no Memo-chou, Episode 9: This isn’t Denpa Onna…or is it?

Hey, at least it’s not the obligatory beach episode…

Blank expression is still cute.

Just a tad bit late, but this time, I blame schoolwork.

Anyways, while I totally thought this was a carefree and fanservice episode, it turned out to be one those intense “gap fillers” that KamiMemo has. If you guys recall Episode 04 I think, the one with Min-san’s sarashi being stolen, I think it’s one those episodes. Although you’d expect these filler episodes to be either mediocre, random, or rushed in explanation, this episode was far from that.

In fact, I had too much fun watching this episode I totally camwhored and took like a bajiliion screenshots. Since this was one of those “action” episodes, I’m not going to summarize it as much because I think readers will be able to catch the main point straight away.

Those odd moments when you think something is great but your friends don't...

So without further ado, let’s get into the work about this episode. We start off with some odd baseball scene…which somehow turns out to be just a romanticization of a baseball video game they’re playing at an arcade. Halfway into their fun, the store manager is seen to be tossed around by some Yakuza folks, whom of course turns out to be Nemo. Remember Nemo? That big cueball wearing a grey suit and red shirt? The guy who Tetsu & Narumi went to drink with a couple of episodes back? Anyways, that’s not too relevant to how he’s portrayed in this episode.

As for the Yakuza being at the arcade, apparently they’re going to raise the price of the land rent, which seems quite unreasonable, especially to Major. Yes, that lil’ otaku gamer boy. Okay, perhaps I shouldn’t be calling him lil’ because he’s “in college”. Wait a minute, doesn’t he call himself a NEET? Doesn’t that imply that he’s not in neither EDUCATION, employment, or TRAINING? Tsk tsk loophole KamiMemo, loophole.

NEET Fighter! I wonder if they have Alice in there...

Anyways, in protest to the rent inflation, the NEETs try to challenge Nemo and bets on a baseball game. Of course, the NEETs and I both thought that it meant a baseball game in the arcade machines…but turns out Nemo meant an actual game. Oh wait…this doesn’t sound too good…the Yakuza are known to be baseball-bat-wielding-maniacs…

So…after unknowingly accepting a  challenge that they’d pretty much be screwed for, the NEETs return to the ramen shop and try to round-up as many of their following NEETs as possible. Obviously, this crew will contain Min-san, Yondaime & buddies, Narumi, NEETs, Alice, Ayaka, and Meo. Wait! Meo? I thought she disappeared?! When did she come back? Ah well, I don’t have anything to protest about cute tanned girls showing up in animu. Let the good times roll!

GG Yakuza, GG.

After the rounding up of team members, the crew gets down to training and…you know, I really enjoyed those couple of scenes. It showed a lot of character bonding, which ultimately brought together the vast amount of characters in the KamiMemo universe.

Don't tell me you don't think that's damn cute~

So after some preparation and research, it turns out that Alice discovered that Nemo used to be the ace pitcher at his high school. However, information regarding his failure from grace tells us that he was most likely dropped out due to him being discovered in partaking of “sports betting”. That’s right folks, one bet may ruin your life. Just like marriages. Wait, I’m getting off topic aren’t I?

Anyways, on game day, instead being either all glum at the news of Nemo being some baseball superhuman or jumping in glee due to their “miraculous” training by Coach Alice, the group is actually treating it as if it were just another day at a baseball diamond.

Okay, instead of telling you that “Of course Team NEET won”, I’m going to just add little snippets of the highlights from the game. Think of it as the t”Honour Roll” that’s on TSN every day.

Entourage, she does it well.






With that coming at me, I'd let her steal the base too!~


Tetsu, wrong show. Get back in Kaiji.


NEET Detective and pro baseball player? Oh dear Alice, I think I've fallen for you even more.

At this point in the game, the NEETs are literally tied up with the Yakuza, but since Yondaime is injured (well, throughout the course of the game), the NEET team required a pinch hitter. However, since Narumi is chicken shi*t, he manages to stall a bit until Alice decides to step in. Little did we know, Alice isn’t really doing this, but because she realized that, with a smaller figure, comes a smaller “strike box”, thus, if Nemo HAD to strike her out, he’d have to throw into an incredibly tiny striking area.

Anyways with that, you basically know that Alice got a steal to first base. Wait a steal? Weren’t we talking about base on balls? Actually, Alice had another trick up her sleeve which is to confuse everyone on the “3rd strike” and in that confusion, she’d take the opportunity to steal first base.

So after Alice’s steal, the next batter up is….

Ichiro Suzuki, now I know the origin of your batting stance.

And you would never guess…:

Slap me silly and I'd still tell you I didn't believe Narumi had it in him.

Actually, it makes all the sense in the world. It’s not that Narumi had some innate baseball skills, but rather, he got some WILD, literally WILD idea that Nemo’s pitting strategies would be somehow stored up in the baseball arcade game’s database. Seems weird right? Well, if you watch the episode, I think it’ll make all the sense in the world.

So after Narumi basically drives the ball out of the park, the NEET Teddy Bears win the game and thus, the video game arcade rent retains the same.

Ta-da, end of an intense and somewhat meaningful baseball game.

Oh and if you’re wondering why Alice knows so much about baseball…

Such a cutie~~~



2 Replies to “Kamisama no Memo-chou, Episode 9: This isn’t Denpa Onna…or is it?”

  1. I really winced when I realized that this was going to be a filler episode. Although I didn’t appreciate how the plot didn’t move forward and all we got to see was everyone acting slightly out of character preparing for a baseball game against pros that they somehow won.

    But gripes aside, it was pretty awesome. I’ve forgotten (although it hasn’t been that long since Moshidora) how anime can make baseball so much more epic than it actually is. I wish there was insane team members running off during the 9th inning to gather pitching history of the opposing pitcher. Alas, such things don’t happen.

    1. Yeah as I saw the preview…I was like…another filler?
      While I was totally expecting it to be a “beach” episode…it turned out to be a baseball episode…which was actually done quite nicely.

      Aside from how you mentioned that the characters somehow miraculously won against pros, this episode really made me want to baseball. Luckily, I have Baseball Superstars II on my Android, which totally came into great play after this episode.

      LOL….A group? Only Narumi would be that crazy XD…and yes…not ALL things happen in anime ^^

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