Sacred Seven Episode 11: Camp and Pointless as Hell, and That’s Why I Love It

aka, the Meido Army Moves Out Again

Finally, in the penultimate episode, the plot is kicking into high gear. By kicking into high gear, I mean blaming it on the formerly ambiguous villain, who’s now straight on campy and evil to a bizarrely enjoyable degree. The plot’s thin as can be and almost nonsensical and too convenient with its twists and turns, but Sacred Seven never claimed to be high art in the first place. And I’ll tell you, this is about as lowbrow as anime gets while still remaining surprisingly enjoyable.

It may be the lack of sleep tinting my view of this otherwise mediocre series, but I found this episode to have what most of the previous episodes lacked—over the top, cartoonish violence and the straight “Screw you, I want to be a god!” motivation for the villain. It’s done to death, it’s silly, but this is one case of the writers not giving a shit about originality that actually works in the show’s favor, helped by the likes of rogue bulletproof maids and a villain who does stuff just to be evil. If I had to compare it to anything, it’d be like that live action G.I. Joe movie, except with more rocks and high school shenanigans.

The best part of the plot, as mentioned earlier, is how conveniently everything ties together; it’s all Kenmi’s fault for everything bad that’s happened to the main characters! He’s responsible for all the previous Dark Stone attacks, and for destroying his own workforce arbitrarily. I’m pretty sure there are also a few puppies that this guy kicked to really nail home the point that he brushes his teeth with the Symbiote from Spider Man every morning before work. Either that or his bike shorts are cutting off circulation to the part of his brain that makes sense.


The Sacred Seven are also apparently the reason that the Aztecs gained so much power, not just their warlike nature or their quick conquering and adoption of an already dying civilization, a revelation that was good for a laugh. That’s really the only reason to watch this at this point, to get a good laugh out of each revelation it attempts to throw the audience’s way. Let’s see… let’s move on to the characters!

Ruri’s being investigated for tax evasion… something that I’m sure would be solved in an instant if the police took even a minute to take a look at her records, but sense is something that Sacred Seven has in incredibly short supply. Alma’s back to being his old angsty, scowly self, Kijima Knight resumes being an absolutely ineffectual rival for Kenmi, and Kagami continues to be absolutely fucking worthless. Meanwhile, we have the people working for Kenmi who don’t so much help him as they do sit back and gawk at the fighting going on… yeah, it’s bad.

Finally, Kenmi obtains what he’s desired all along that apparently required the kidnapping of Ruri to get; one of the Seven crystals. Here’s the best part though: He had it in his possession the entire time in the form of that berserker Dark Stone that was Fey’s brother. He could’ve taken it at anytime, but just wanted to make things as unnecessarily convoluted as possible before he took it for his own. Say what you will about the man, he has absolutely no concept of what makes a compelling plot. Which is something bad, I suppose, but when it’s something as bad as this, it stops being so bad.

So yeah, I think you can glean from my half awake ramblings that I really enjoyed this episode in spite of myself. At least compared to how the previous nine or so played out, it was a refreshing action adventure that never let up except to outdo itself with the ridiculousness, or sheer baffling nature of the motivations. I take back what I said last week, Sunrise is on their A-game as far as shit goes. And I actually mean that as a compliment. Since I’m about as good as drunk in my half-awake stupor, I will never make a post this clumsy again unless specifically requested.


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