Kamisama no Memo-chou, Episode 10: Speechless.

I literally have nothing to say.

I will cherish this shot in the OP starting from this episode.

The moral of this episode? Please don’t let your loved ones do drugs. It’s really heartbreaking…

Anyways, we’re introduced to a new arc in this episode…and it’s about a new circulating drug called Angel Fix. According to Alice, who got a request from Yondaime to do some detective work on this case, the drug is untraceable because of drug dealers selling to more resellers and to more. Thus, creating a deep, deep web of connections that would take an immense amount of effort to uncover.

How does this relate to the tragic events at the end of the episode? Well, at the start, the group of NEETS (with Narumi) are having yet another field day at the arcade and while they’re playing, the store manager notifies Ayaka that her brother seems to be here. After meeting and having a short chat, the group suspects that somethings up with Ayaka’s brother and Narumi decides to tail him.

After finding him sitting on some stairs, Narumi offers a drink to Ayaka’s brother and they have their little chit-chat. The details I don’t specifically remember, but it certainly had to do with Ayaka “taking” Narumi as her brother’s “replacement” and how Ayaka’s brother had a withdrawal fit. After popping some “AF” pills, that’s right ladies, Abercrombie & Fitch diet pills, Ayaka’s brother states that it’s called “Angel Fix” and then leaves abruptly.

The final cute pic before the storm.

So within the next few scenes, basically we get to see Narumi reporting what he saw to Tetsu and how the group of NEETS have ultimately decided not to tell Ayaka that her brother has turned into a junkie. On suspicion that Narumi and Co. are keeping information from her, Ayaka decides to probe Narumi for details, but just before she could, she’s interrupted by a phone call from her brother. In the phone call, her brother told her not to spill any details and mentioned a name I cannot remember. Regardless, I think that name will definitely pop up again because of “little details” becoming significant plot devices. Anyways, the next day, Yondaime goes to Alice to request her service and calls in the NEETs.

After a long discussion, *details in first paragraph*, Narumi walks with Ayaka and this time, Ayaka really tries to pry deep into Narumi, but only gets a venomous rebuke of “am I a replacement for your brother?”.  Let the sad times roll. So after all that arguing, they part ways and Ayaka gets all QQ.


The next day at school, Narumi tries to apologize to Ayaka, but she decides to turn up the tsun and walk away from him. In an attempt to get a hold of her, Narumi grabs Ayaka’s arm and while Ayaka tries to wrench free, it tore apart her “Gardening Club”  staff member armband. The scene pretty much ends after Ayaka explodes on Narumi once more and the two end up getting nowhere.

How can Narumi avoid giving away details when Ayaka is THIS cute?!

Thus, for the next few days, Narumi decides to skip school and make/design a new armband for Ayaka…which turned out pretty good! So after getting it made, Narumi decides to go to school and give Ayaka the new armband and try to make up. This time, it turns out to be successful as Ayaka was very touched that Narumi spent a lot of time on making the armband for her.

So literally from that point on, good times, good times. Ayaka later then explained that she didn’t like to talk to people, but with Narumi, she thought he was an interesting kind of guy, so she HAD to talk to him. Talk about love at first sight. Anyways, apparently Ayaka wanted to talk to Narumi so bad that she heaved gardening buckets up to the roof to pretend she was in a gardening club doing activities. At this point, I felt as if it was an indirect confession, but I don’t think that’s how Narumi’s mind works.

I dare you to tell me they aren't the cutest couple ever. I dare you.

Anyways, after they make up, we take a time skip to 3 months later and…you know something bad’s going to happen when the sky turns all shady. So, on a busy day after school, Narumi first goes to the ramen shop to warn the NEETs that Ayaka is coming home ASAP and that they need to pack up their research before she walks in on them and finds out the truth about her brother. Knowing the severity of the situation, the NEETs try to pack up, but while they’re doing so, they have a loud discussion about Ayaka’s brother becoming a junkie…which is ultimately overheard by Ayaka.

*Cue dramatic music* Next, the scene cuts to Ayaka lying lifelessly on a bed of flowers, which is easily recognizable as the school flower bed on the first floor. From that, we can pretty much assume that she had committed suicide upon the news of hearing her brother becoming a druggie.

I literally bawled my eyes out. WHY?! WHY MUST SHE DIE WHEN I JUST STARTED TO LIKE HER?!

So yeah. Pretty much the end of the episode and the most intense cliffhanger yet.

The inner fanboy in me tells me to believe that she just cracked her head open and that it’s easily fixable…but when you have large amounts of blood seeping out of your cranium, I don’t she’ll have a chance. Anyways, whether in real life or in anime, it’s always a pain to find out that your loved one is doing drugs. I mean, pain as in, heartbreak of expectations and the bonds established. It’s as if you’ve joined the “Dark Side”. However, heartbreak doesn’t just stop there. You might cause the death of a family member whose shock at finding out your joining  of the Dark Side too unbelievable that they decide to commit suicide. Just like in Ayaka’s case. So really, not only do you hurt the people around you by doing drugs, you’re hurting yourself too.

As a high school student who likes to utter terms such as “Are you high” or “Hey buddy, did you get high on ANOTHER joint today?” it really makes me wonder, what has the world turned into? A stroll around the bushes at some far corner of your school can turn into an encounter with druggies and whatnot, doing their pot or crack. The worst part is not that you run into these mentally unstable people, but it’s that fact that they’ll offer you some, and trust me, the temptation is hard to resist. That’s how drugs spread. It’s not just about those old homeless guys on the street. It can be about you, your brother, your sister, your parents, your classmates, and even your teacher.  Oh and for the record, I have never done drugs.

That cute face, that vibrant and warmth filled smile. God Bless. RIP Ayaka.

Anyways, that’s pretty much a wrap to my rant. However, I must get on to discussing the part about Ayaka’s death. This episode was really awkward yet extremely epic because in the beginning, it gave off the feel of “Oh wow! An Ayaka focus episode! Woot!”, but then at the end, it was just “SPLAT!”. I know KamiMemo has those intense and weird plot twists, but this one was so huge, that even spoilers on Twitter did not phase me. Hopefully, KamiMemo 11 will turn the tables around and reveal that my odd fanboy-ism prediction is spot on and how she’s actually still alive. I’ll keep on dreaming that.

Oh, and no cute Alice photo to end the post for this episode. Not enough Alice exposure…plus it’s totally Ayaka-focus for this post.

2 Replies to “Kamisama no Memo-chou, Episode 10: Speechless.”

  1. So the Ayaka suicide is just a cliff hanger? You haven’t seen the 11, right? So perhaps there’s still a chance that Ayaka is alive. Although that’s not going to be likely… Regardless, it’s so sad to read that Ayaka died however it’s a nice way to die on the bed of roses that she’s taking care. At least she’s in a nice place.

    1. Hehe we sure got that figured out on MSN didn’t we?
      Totally…to reiterate, the reason why I believe her “death” is a cliffhanger is because, although we see blood pouring out from her head, that doesn’t officially confirm she’s dead. Afterall, if she didn’t land on her head, the fall from the top of the school building, which looks like 2-3 floors at best, wouldn’t shatter the cranium, but seriously damage could be caused. Also, another factor would be that she landed in soil…which is pretty shock absorbent if you ask me….soo…..with all that going on…she may have a chance.

      If she did die, it certainly seems quite melodramatic as in how she just literally falls and dies on a bed of pretty flowers. You’d probably expect that as a tragic fairy tale ending or something.

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