Kamisama no Memo-chou, Episode 11:God’s in his heaven. All’s right with the world.


This had better not be a "Nope, just Chuck Testa!" moment.

So last episode was a troll episode?

Not really, but as I proposed, jumping from 4 stories high and landing in a soil bed certainly won’t guarantee the kill. However, as stated in this episode, Ayaka will “never smile nor talk again”. So if you take it from that perspective, we probably won’t get to see her kawaii egao ever again. BOOOOOOO!

While not much went on in this episode, KamiMemo sure did take some time on explaining while Ayaka chose to spontaneously commit suicide. Starting from the beginning of the episode, we get to slowly pick up that Ayaka was unconsciously growing the source plants for the Angel Fix drug. This is further elaborated when Alice exposes to Narumi that through Ayaka’s brother, who was a dealer, the original creator also assigned Ayaka’s brother to charge Ayaka with the task of growing genetically modified plants.

Behind that cute person is quite the large burden.

Actually, that explains quite a lot of things. Firstly, Ayaka IS the leader of the gardening club and how she’s the only one permitted to access the greenhouse. Secondly, ever wonder why she always locks it up? Well, there you have it.

Anyways, Ayaka was basically given seeds by Toshio, her brother, to grow a “rare species” of plants. Obviously one would be expected to follow the request of a family member, but I think, after a while, Ayaka got suspicious. Later, the suspicions reached their climax when the NEET group encountered her brother at the arcade and after she overheard the Major talking about how her brother is a druggie and the new drug is derived from a flower, Ayaka came to the conclusion that she had taken part in the drug-growing business.

I want to be a part of you too Alice!

Clearly not being able to take the burden, Ayaka decided to commit suicide. However, Alice does bring up a good point about how Ayaka only chose a 4-storied building instead of much higher structures nearby. This indicates that Ayaka still has an attachment to her friends and doesn’t want to lose them, not because Ayaka doesn’t understand the principle of physics or the equation for potential energy (mgh).

Cry Narumi, Cry! Cry like a man!

Oh and before I finish summarizing, a crucial part of this episode is when, near the end, the first death via Angel Fix has occurred. Thus, causing the drug to be in the spotlight and…revealing some interesting things. Before the death of the first person, the man uttered “Angel’s Wings” and how he can see the “Gates of Heaven”. Interestingly, this totally coincides with the naming of the drug as Angel Fix. Could it be a hint that when you take the drug, you feel like you can go to heaven?

Being subtle much?

Anyways, before all hell breaks loose, Alice actually manages to retrace the source dealer as “Hakamizaka”. Apparently, Hakamizaka is some sort of graduate student who did some studies on Middle Eastern flowers…and somehow turned into D-BAG #1. So after tracing down the source, Alice hands the data to Yondaime to track down both Toshi and Hakamizaka so the NEETs can bring them to justice.

Clearly these people want to get a beating from me.

Just before the episode is about to close off, Narumi receives a call from Toshio who, at first, threatens Narumi to GTFO and mind his own business, but after a couple of harsh words, Toshio suddenly takes a 180 degree turn and asks Narumi for help and goes all psycho. Seems like someone just wants to get off the drug really badly.

However, before we can gloat at Toshio’s suffering, Hakamizaka makes an appearance at Toshio’s place and beats the hell out of Toshio. Why? I have no idea. I thought they were partners! Anyways, Hakamizaka picks up the phone to talk to Narumi and tell hims that pretty much everyone will succumb to his drug and that only chosen ones can enter the Gates of Heaven. Chosen ones, which means none other than Angel Fix’s buyers, are apparently granted access to heaven? Wow. This seems like something you would find out of a Bleach arc. Anyways, remember how I said, just before the first person died of Angel Fix, he said something about “having angel wings” and seeing “the gates of heaven”? Well, Hakamizaka totally just dropped a mindfu*k on us when he tells Narumi that “I gave her wings too”. Her as in, Ayaka. Oh snap.

Mature and solemn Alice is just too beautiful. Perhaps this is better than moe-Alice?!

End of episode. Oh yeah, if you read the subtitles in the above pictures….”That’s what she said”.

Hmm…so far into this arc, I can’t say that it has been the “best” so far, but certainly the most shocking. I’ll definitely have to wait till the finale before I can give an accurate rating for this show. Anyways peeps, stayed tuned in the next few days for the final post!

Who am I kidding! Moe-Alice is still the best Alice!


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