Usagi Drop, episode 11: Normal People

Apologies for the lateness. The last few weeks of school orientation have been insanely busy, plus I came down with a cold which has not helped things at all.

Goodbyes are hard...

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but there’s no grand finale for Usagi Drop. There’s no magical moment between Daikichi and Rin that provides the final cement to their bond, instead we continue to build on little moments after little moments. Whether it’s Rin worrying about making Kouki’s mom sick, Daikichi talking to some of the other kids’ parents about what it takes to be a parent, or Daikichi imparting his parental wisdom to his sister, the show continues to build on a series of small, touching moments.

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Maybe you could argue that one area where Usagi Drop suffers is that it’s not a terribly ambitious show, but perhaps that’s why it seems so genuine. Is parenting defined by ambitions? Or just by going about your every day life, building invisible block after another? Is it something you prepare for? Or something you figure out along the way, something you just grow into and adapt to as a new life unfolds in front of you. Described this way, it seems less… magical, perhaps? Or momentous? But I think what Usagi Drop shows is the adaptability of people. Rin in accepting Daikichi as a parental figure. Daikichi in adapting his bachelor lifehood to accommodate a new child he hadn’t planned for.

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We never really get any closure on Daikichi and Kouki’s mom. Actually, there’s really no closure in Usagi Drop at all. Life just goes on for everyone. And it’s not really set up for a sequel, unless you’re looking for more slice of life between Daikichi and Rin (or if you do a time skip, which I don’t think anyone wants to see).

Usagi Drop is one of the most sincere, down-to-earth shows I’ve had the pleasure to watch. Thrill-seekers definitely need not apply here though. But for those who get joy out of little, mundane things, UD is probably the best show to deliver that since Aria.

2 Replies to “Usagi Drop, episode 11: Normal People”

  1. My first question would be, have you read the manga? It’s a finished work, so there’s a reason why the anime just seems to drop off. There’s more to the story afterwords but it’s after Rin gets older.

    Great series overall if you ask me. My favorite aspect is probably the animation style. It had just the right feel for the type of series this is. I hope they have a second season in the making.

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