Kamisama no Memo-chou, Episode 12 [END]: Fairy tale endings. I believe.

Thank you all for reading and commenting for the Summer 2011 season!

This is exactly how I envisioned an angel. Sailor seifuku, oh yes.

So as customary in the finale post about a show, I’d like to thank everybody first for their continued support! I’d especially like to thank UTW Fansubs for providing me good quality subs & pictures all season, so please go check them out if you have the time. Also, I’d like to thank my dear oneechan, SnippetTee for her comments on how to shape my writing more.  Last but not least, I’d like to thank my oniichan, Inushinde for being supportive and awesome all season long! Oh, and before I forget, I’d like to acknowledge those who’ve been “tweeting” with me all season for their contributions to my discussions and what not! Thank you everybody!

This is the reason why you shouldn't do drugs. No one finds that expression sexy.

So basically, at this point of the post, I’d just like to inform readers that this post will be REALLY long. Mostly because I’ll include a review section and the usual summary part. So, feel free to jump around if you like! Anyways, let’s get on with the show!

So starting where KamiMemo 11 left off, the drug has suddenly become extremely widespread and people are slowly succumbing to the drug. While the scene zones in on a particular club owned by Yondaime, apparently he and his crew caught one of the drug dealers. Because of this incident, Narumi and the NEETs are called to the club. Luckily, as they get there, Yondaime still hasn’t beaten enough out of the dealer, and thus they were able to extract information on how that the dealer was actually just a”sub-dealer” and more or less a pawn.

However, the pseudo dealer was not completely useless. Because of the dealer, the NEETs were able to get a sample of Angel Fix. On the way back to Alice’s apartment, Major and Narumi have a short discussion and after a couple of trivial events, Narumi notices some sort of reflection on the Angel Fix package.

Kids, this is why you drink milk, so when a beautiful josei comes over to you, she'll see you as a man.

After arriving at Alice’s apartment, the group discusses why do all the people who do Angel Fix report seeing “Angel wings” and stuff relating to heaven. Putting in some insight, Narumi remembers the reflection on the Angel Fix package and takes a highlighter & draws over the package. While it seemed foolish at the start, after colouring in the whole package, there were two evident “angel wings” on the package.

Upon discovery, the group seeks for a solution on how to locate the dealers…and Narumi comes up with a bold plan. Narumi volunteers to take the pill and will try to find the dealers. Apparently, after some assessment by Alice, Angel Fix enhances the vision of people and that way, they can see the “angel wings” marked onto the dealer’s bodies so they know where to get more.

Thus, after deciding to let Narumi proceed with this dangerous plan, the group decides to tail Narumi and let him wander around Shibuya with the effects of Angel Fix. Through some events, Narumi get overly impatient and cuts the mike line to Alice. Then, things start to go nuts. Narumi starts seeing visions of Ayaka having “angel wings” and flying away from him. As Narumi “runs” to chase her, Narumi hits a wall and eventually, an Angel Fix dealer spots Narumi. Just before the dealer can sell more Angel Fix to Narumi, Tetsu comes to pull Narumi out before the situation gets sour. Then, our resident NEET gigolo is tasked with tailing the drug dealer back to their hideout.

Drugged up Narumi looks....drugged up.

The next day, Narumi recovers from the effects of Angel Fix, but obviously the heavy bruising underneath the eye caused by Angel Fix remains. Aside from Narumi recovering, the NEETs finally manage to track down where exactly the drugs are made. After rounding up Yondaime and his men, the NEETs (including Alice) storm the facility and find a wasted group of dealers and Hakamizaka himself.

Oddly enough, Hakamizaka was already aware of his demise and decided to overdose on Angel Fix, which caused him to undergo the same effects as the other druggies. While in his drugged state, Hakamizaka reveals that that he actually tried to pay Ayaka compensation for growing the drug plants, but she said no, despite their formerly good friendship. After he finishes telling some details, Alice toys with Hakamizaka and says that she’s actually his Angel and that she has seen God’s Memo-Pad. In this case, the Memo-Pad seems to be a list of names of those who deserve to enter heaven, and taking advantage of how Hakamizaka thinks she’s an Angel, she whispers to him that his name was not the list and that he’ll be condemned to the darkness for eternity. Thus, screwing with Hakamizaka as he believed that he was able to enter Pearly Gates. Silly foo~

Pretty much after that, Hakamizaka goes beserk and kind of just fades away from attention. Next up is Toshi, who Yondaime looks eager to beat to a pulp. However, before Yondaime can do so, Narumi stops him and decides to do that himself. While he’s letting his emotions take  control, Narumi lays down the pain on Toshi and is on the verge of beating Toshi to death before Tetsu steps in and pull Narumi away before too much harm was done.

Narumi, you actually look good doing that. I can't believe how much you've changed throughout the series.

During the raid, the group also figured out something about Ayaka wanting to grow a form of poppies that bloom at dawn and wilts at twilight. Interesting….and that’s where Alice comes in. She explains to Narumi that, it’s not really that Ayaka wanted to choose to jump off the school building because she likes the school, but because she knew that if she jumped off the roof, the roof would be considered an accident scene and be off limits. Why would Ayaka do that? As Alice puts it, Ayaka wanted to protect the sacred place where she had so many happy memories with Narumi and didn’t want to ever lose it. Thus, by doing so, she would be able to grow a patch of those poppy flowers in the Gardening Club emblem and show Narumi her appreciation for him.

Although it doesn’t make sense as Alice explains this, all the information comes in full circle and connects when this happens:

If Ayaka did this for me, I'd probably propose straight away.

The poppies bloom in the emblem that Narumi designed for the Gardening Club. At this point, the ED cuts in, and I swear to god, I bawled like a shoujo. Mainly cuz KamiMemo’s ED is so perfect for the ending scenes of an episode, but whatever it is, it was just too good.

While the ED is playing, the scene cuts to Ayaka’s hospital bed and we see her finger slowly moving and her eyes slowly opening…

And that’s a wrap to the Kamisama no Memo-chou summary for the Summer 2011 season!

I've never been more happier watching a detective anime, ever.

Alright folks! Since I finished the summary portion, it’s time for the review part!


As a detective anime, I expected Kamisama no Memo-chou’s plot to be extraordinary and make me want the next week to come faster. However, KamiMemo’s plot didn’t do entirely what I had expected. As I discussed in previous posts, the format of KamiMemo is in arcs, and in between them, some filler episodes. While the arcs themselves were  actually interesting, the fillers kind of toned down the momentum of the show. However, this in no way means the fillers were bad. The producers were able blend in comedy and fanservice with an actual plot, which is usually poorly done in a filler/fanservice episode. The only reason that I’m picking on this is because the format is what caused KamiMemo to lose some interest throughout the series. If it had been straight arcs, it could have retained more views, but without the fillers, the arcs would have an odd transition, thus I think it’s kind of ambivalent and awkward. As for the arcs themselves, they were pretty complex and I liked how KamiMemo didn’t show details for “nothing”. What I mean by that is, during each arc, little details will be presented, and later on, these details will become crucial to understanding the case. Because of paying attention to these details, I was able to predict the outcome of the case, but it was nevertheless very intrigued how KamiMemo would come to the conclusion I envisioned. Another strong point about KamiMemo’s plot is how there were so many curve-balls thrown at the audience. For example, Ayaka’s sudden suicide attempt certainly caught me off guard. I don’t know about other detective anime, but sudden shocks like these keep my interest at extremely high levels, and thus, I looked forward to each episode. Probably one of the best plots in anime that I’ve watched in the past few months.

Mark: 9.5/10

Sad Alice still looks too good.


 Normally I would check to see if characters are “plausible”, and to tell you the truth, I thought KamiMemo did it really well. Aside from some characters, most of the cast showed some sort of character development, which I think, is crucial to making the show stand out and avoid being repetitive. While I was doubtful at first about KamiMemo having such a large character list, I was soon eased when I saw each individual arc centered in around a couple of characters, thus leading to the audience becoming familiar with them and seeing those characters develop. Generally very well done I have to say. Oh, and how can I forget! There’s Alice. Nothing beats a chou-moe NEET detective like Alice. That’s like an automatic 10/10!

Mark: 10/10


Wow. Simply wow. As y’all get to know me better, you’ll come to realize I’m a music junkie. And because of that, I’m usually really picky about music. That having said, one would expect me to hound KamiMemo for it’s music…but you know what? The OP was literally ecstasy to my ears. Truth be told, KamiMemo’s full OP already has over 600 plays on my Itunes. Yeah, I like it THAT much. As for the ED, although I didn’t like the song as much as the OP, it always came in at the right time. I guess the opening tune to the ED always matched the heavy cliffhangers at the end of each episode. Even when it wasn’t a heavy cliffhanger, it fit perfectly. Flawless victory.

Mark: 10/10


As for the art, I really couldn’t say much other than I loved it. For art, I think, it’s really a biased section because, art is more or less a “love or hate” kind of choice. However, I’m sure if you liked Hanasaku Iroha’s art, you’ll like KamiMemo’s art. This is mainly because, the illustrators are the exact same sensei for both shows. While it kind of looks like HanaIro, did anyone else think it resembled To Aru Majutsu no Index (I & II)’s art? I thought a lot of characters looked remarkably similar. As for that, it’s the same principle of “love & hate”, but since I really liked To Aru’s animation, I generally liked this one too. Too good, (>_<)b!

Mark: 10/10

If you tell me this isn't cute, I might have to kill you.

Final Impressions: 

While I’d love to give KamiMemo a perfect score, I know it’s simply not acceptable, so thus, I’d obviously have to tone it down. Overall, I thought KamiMemo was probably the very first detective/mystery show that I got really into. It was not because of Alice nor Ayaka, but because of the flare and how things were portrayed in KamiMemo. To me, I’d say the whole series is a plausible act. I don’t find any part of KamiMemo “unbelievable” and really, aside from the NEET investigation agency thing, there was nothing out of the ordinary for modern day Japan.

Also, as you can all see or read from what I wrote or what you watched, Ayaka “wakes up” from her coma at the end. It’s these type of endings that brings a smile to your face and in the end, that’s what KamiMemo has been doing all season. At the end of each case, there’s always the good and the ugly, but all in all, justice will be served. If you put KamiMemo into a realistic perspective, you can also see how different people, even those people that are considered NEETs can be doing  righteous acts and helping out individuals in times of need. In a world such as today, there is never a full roster of such people, and thus, KamiMemo can kind of send out a message that one can bring justice to the world by doing small things.

So after all this long ranting and fanyboy-ism, I would definitely declare Kamisama no Memo-chou as a show that I would recommend my friends and others to view. Obviously I’m not talking about your chibi imouto in elementary, but for friends or siblings that are mature, looking for some fun, some mystery, some moe, some bawling, and most of all, have a never-ending appetite for chou-moe NEET detectives.

Final overall mark: 95%

See you in the Fall season everyone!….which is like…next week…

Ending on a good note, I do it well.

5 Replies to “Kamisama no Memo-chou, Episode 12 [END]: Fairy tale endings. I believe.”

  1. Moral of this last arc boys and girls DRUGS ARE BAD MKAY, But they also GIVE YOU WINGS!!!

    I really was so disappointed in this series but wow this last episode sort of changed my mind completely, Alice turned out to be fun to watch! But I still hated her because she is our typical smartest LOLI ever! And that I really hate. But I sort of knew that going in, after all the other characters “help” solve the various cases in their own ways.

    Agreed on animation and music! That OST really surprised me I was waiting for a poor soundtrack but nope actually very fun. Shocking to see a JC staff show with such high production, well I always loved the visuals in Index/Railgun, this does seem to be setting up another season unless I am just crazy xD

    1. LOL that line…seems to be like it’s out of a Red Bull commercial!! Perhaps that’s where they got the idea for the last arc XD

      Yeah, for most people, I found out this show was a love/hate, but I get the occasional “I actually seemed to like it….that is, after the finale”. Could that be why I jacked up the ratings? Or is it just my inner fanboy affecting my decisions?

      Anyways, glad to hear I’m not the only one who enjoyed the animation/music ^^~ Usually J.C.Staffs tend to be more on the lower production (see J.C. Staff expectation cycle). As for sequel, I’ve heard from an acquaintance of mine that there is indeed a bit to KamiMemo, but maybe not enough for a whole new series. However, that scene where Ayaka started to wake up was….simply….too good.

  2. Where do you watch your anime? That subbing is godly. Anyways , why did Alice cry at the end? ( The little tear streak down her cheek) I always guessed that she liked Narumi and seeing how much Narumi cared for Ayaka….. =( I guess she knew it too. Doesn’t take a detective to figure that one out.
    But I would like your opinion on the matter.

    1. Oh? I just download mine from torrents and watch them directly on my computer. Haha, yeah I definitely have to applaud UTW fansubs for their excellent work over these years!

      Hmm….the teardrop at the end could be quite a number of things. It could be of simple admiration of how much Narumi cares for Ayaka or…as you said, Alice kinda got jealous at Narumi X Ayaka.

      but from a more personal perspective…

      I’d say that Alice kinda liked Narumi…which is more or less evident in her expressions and actions to Narumi. It’s even more obvious in one of the previous episodes when Alice almost let that slip out…so…I’m definitely agreeing with the “Alice has a thing for Narumi” theory.

      As for Narumi X Ayaka, I’m pretty all the NEETs knew that too XD! I didn’t think Narumi would end up liking Ayaka as a result of 3 months of joyful bliss, but I think her “pseudo-confession” pretty much gave it away that Ayaka really liked Narumi. On Narumi’s side, you can tell how much he cares for her from how much he QQ’d when Ayaka is in the hospital and how he actually designed a new gardening club logo. Thus, as of so far the Narumi x Ayaka flag is going strong. Too bad Ayaka is just waking up from a coma though.

      I’m not sure if this will turn out to be some sort of romance battle in the novels or if possible, a new season, but I’d definitely like to see how Alice would try to get Narumi’s attention.

  3. This anime has the worse ending you can get from watching any anime. It was completely…unsatisfying. The art and animation were fine, I have no problems with that but the arcs were…well after the first one, the rest weren’t as good. I understand they tried to stay away from any supernatural elements and in the last episode with Alice talking about the memo pad, I thought they had finally given in and used a “I have some sort of hiddden power” plot device. But the execution wasn’t really done well. And I feel they could have gone deeper into character developement. Such as why Alice became a NEET and where the hell are her parents? So many unanswered questions lol.

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