Fall 2011 Anime Season Non-Preview

This is not a preview. At least, not in the traditional sense. I’m trying to break away from the standard season preview format. This is not quite where I want to be, but a transition. This post is more about the shows specifically each of us is willing to stand behind or at least is curious about before the season starts. More thoughts, less info. Because, by this point, you probably have a good sense of what shows are out there and the details behind them. In case you aren’t though, there’s the one chart that rules all, and probably my top 3 for standard previews: Sekijitsu, Sea Slugs, and The Cart Driver. Anyway, the new season starts tomorrow, and it will be definitely good. -RP



Sabishii:Simple, plausible, and attractive plot. I’ve always wanted something Japanese to document how the Japanese people always fight to get the uber-discounted bentos at the end of the day. Luckily, Ben-To has made my dreams come true. However, that doesn’t guarantee that I’ll like the show, but so far, everything seems to be just right.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Baka Test 2

Sabishii: After watching Episode 0, I’m pretty much convinced that I’ll be covering this show no matter what. Despite not having read the light novel, I feel as if I am already immersed in the story and know what will happen. To me, the story seems quite original, hence the massive amount of books that Sukunai sells per volume. On a different note, did anyone else notice how the art style is somewhat reminiscent of Denpa Onna? Anyways, I certainly hope this show will perform up to my grandiose expectations for it.

Busou Shinki Moon Angel


Sabishii: Seems like some sort of an IS rip off, but then again, IS is most likely a rip off of another series…so I guess the cycle continues. However, does Busou Shinki have their own rendition of my dearly beloved Charuru? I think not, but we’ll see.



Sophy: Chihayafuru is another one of your average slice-of-life manga series that has been adapted into an anime. You will probably get bored just by reading the summary. I know I did, but once you start reading, you’re pulled into the world that Suetsugu-sensei created. It’s no wonder that this series won the second Manga Taisho award and the 2011 Kodansha Manga Award under the Shoujo category.

Sabishii: I’m not particularly well informed on Japanese card games, but “Karuta” seems pretty intense just by hearing the name. Aside from the odd premise of playing card games, the art looks really good! Perhaps this will be one of those eye candy shows for shoujos?


Dantalian no Shoka

RP: I don’t know much about FSN as far as the VNs go, but I guess I’m one of the few who actually enjoyed the original anime. Admittedly, it was one of the first series I watched, so maybe I’d have a slightly different opinion of it now, but I recall enjoying it quite a bit.

Guilty Crown

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee

RP: This should be a really good show. Death Note’s director. Code Geass’ writer. Sitting in the prime NoitaminA slot. Actually the NoitaminA part might be the weak link. NoitaminA’s great for series that tailor to the 11 episode length. Whether it’s a sequel like Nodame Cantabile, or something very self-contained like Usagi Drop. But there have also been plenty of shows that tripped up on the 11 episode length and messed up its pacing because of the unusual shortness (eg., Kuragehime). Can Production IG convey a big story within such a short series run? We’ll see. At the very least, I’m pretty sure Lemmi will enjoy this more than the awful Sacred Seven.

Sabishii: Bishoujos. Mecha. Code Geass-like abilities, Kamijou Touma’s right hand. What more can you ask for? This is a show that I’ll have to try, but seeing these derived ideas feel as if the show could potentially be a jumble of odd stories from different series.


Itsuka Tenma no Kuro UsagiLemmi: I have absolutely no experience with HunterXHunter, so I don’t know what to make of it. All I know is I’ve heard a lot of good things about the manga, the previous anime adaptation hasn’t been looked on with too much scorn, and I’m always willing to try new things. So I think I’ll make an effort to read the manga chapters in concert with this adaptation, to try to make more and more sense of it. In short, I have no expectations, but I think it’ll be good enough.

Sophy:I do not know whether or not I should be happy to hear that HunterXHunter is being remade. I was disappointed with where the 1999 anime adaptation stopped. That can be excused because the mangaka was not finished drawing the chapters for the next arc. What I am concerned about for this 2011 remake is where will they stop? Will they bring us to Greed Island or will they take us further and show the terror of Chimera Ants?

Kimi to Boku

Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel: Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise!!Essick: Another slice of life that has been granted to us this Fall season. Only this time it revolves around a bunch of guys? Hmm, not going to lie, has this been a show promising all female leads I probably would have shrugged it off as something we’ve seen at least a 1000 times. But therein begs the question, a heartfelt story with an all male cast?

Sabishii: Is it just me or am I the only that gets an Ouran/Hatsukoi feeling from this anime? Anyways, aside from the aesthetics and possible bromance, I think this would be a good slice of life. Without a doubt, Kimi to Boku will be one of the more realistic shows during the season and appeal to a more broader range of audience. However, the premise given for the plot seems rather…unoriginal. As Essick pointed out, it feels as if you’ve seen this quite a number of times, but with the fact that the main characters are all male, things could get interesting. Keep your eyes open yaoi fans~!

Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam

Kamisama Dolls

Essick: I remember watching the first series YEARS AGO back when it was on American television. Oh Last exile it’s been a while. I don’t think I could cover the entire series for this fall season, but I am really interested on how they relaunched this outstanding Steampunk series.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai

Kamisama no Memo-chou

Sabishii: 2 words. Can’t wait. If you want to see why I’m reacting like this, check out my Majikoi post!


Manyuu Hikenchou

Sabishii: I swear to god, if the genre of the show didn’t have “action, romance, and comedy”, I’d probably refuse to even do a first impressions. The premise is absolutely unoriginal with all that girl-on-girl fighting action and crazed psycho osana najimi. However, since the art style kind of appeals to me, and I never say no to beautiful joshi koseis, I think I’ll give this show a try.

Mashiro-Iro Symphony

Mawaru Penguin Drum

Sabishii: Beautiful loli-like female characters. No thanks. Seems like yet another lame-o eroge adaptation. No thanks. My final opinion? No thanks.

Mirai Nikki

Mayo Chiki!

Sabishii: Woah. I know I ‘m not usually a fan of these odd shows, but you know what? This show’s premise has some sort of an odd appeal to me that feels as if, I simply just have to see at least the first episode. While I’m not a big fan on the art style, it certainly seems quite unique. Hopefully this will turn out to be a good show!

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

Natsume Yuujinchou 3

Sabishii: Homage to One Year War from the original Gundam? I definitely have to try…but it seems somewhat oversimplified and made for kids…so I think I may be disappointed. However, never hurts to test out a new Gundam series!

Persona 4 The Animation

Nekogami Yaoyorozu

RP: Persona 4 is one of my favorite games. It probably makes my top 5 list. It’s got great characters and an engaging, but accessible story. So what do I mean by that? Well, unlike most RPGs, P4’s story isn’t grand scale. The world won’t end if our heroes fail. Instead the stories are much more about battling personal demons which ultimately tie into the larger mystery. 25 episodes should also ensure that nobody gets a short shrift and the story gets full justice done. Here’s hoping director Kishi Seiji (Angel Beats, Seto no Hanayome) tones down his bipolar direction which has unfortunately become trademark in his last two dramedy series (Angel Beats and Kamisama Dolls).

Shakugan no Shana III (Final)

No. 6

RP: Shakugan no Shana is another one of those animes that I think back on fondly, perhaps because I watched it early in my anime fandom lifespan. Unfortunately, it’s also taken a pretty steep dive as time has passed. I don’t have terribly high expectations for the final season, because as the show has progressed it’s become more about the stupid love triangle and Shana’s feelings and less about the world of Guzen… which actually is a damn interesting concept if they just focused on it more.

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume

Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou

Lemmi: The first season was an enjoyably mindless affair that made no contributions to the overall artistic merit of anime, but never stopped being a decent watch. While I wouldn’t say a second season was necessary or even wanted, I can’t complain if it’s more of the same.

Sabishii: A second season, de geso? Hell yes! You’ve got to be squidding me if you hadn’t looked forward to season two after the first one. While Ika Musume is generally hilarious and almost a “children’s show”, Musume is plain simple fun. In a sense, I think, Shinryaku?! Ika Musume will fill in the comedic niche of the Fall season extremely well. Definitely looking forward to more squid jokes in the Fall!

Tamayura ~hitotose~

Nyanpire the Animation

Essick: This series is related to a previous OVA that was done last year, now they’re making an Anime series based around it. None the less, we’re still getting a story about a girl who uses her father’s camera, while exploring her new home. More typical Moe fair for this season.



RP: I suppose UN-GO requires comment, because it’s one of the two NoitaminA shows (am I the elitist in this blog now?), but also because it’s a BONES show featuring the director and writer of the original Full Metal Alchemist. It should be dark, weird and definitely interesting.


14 Replies to “Fall 2011 Anime Season Non-Preview”

      1. Well it is a VN adaptation, and usually, they are horrendous. However, I’m looking forward to Majikoi only because I just finished a couple of routes on the VN and I thought it was pretty good. After all, it was a #1 selling eroge, so it must be at least somewhat good~!

  1. I’m definitely looking forward to Chihayafuru and Un-go. Aside from those two, there will still be a lot of interesting things to kill time with, so it looks like a promising season!

  2. Persona 4, Un-Go, Fate/Zero…those are the ones I’m most looking forward to. Guilty Crown is something I plan to watch, but I’m hoping it’s not TOO similar to CG. I mean, the summary just screamed CG, but…gah.

    We’ll see how the season goes.

    1. My guess is that the relatively length will probably make Guilty Crown not quite twisty and turny as CG – which may or may not be a good thing, depending on how much you liked the always entertaining if often nonsensical twists in CG. 😛

  3. Sssss–squid girl!! Loved that first season after I thought the same thing, oh this is geared to children but damn! I just got so drawn into the whole squid pun thing it became so addictive! Anyway that series will be a fun one to blog for me.

    Guilty Crown YES PLEASE! Looks so damn amazing, and yeah it has a bit of everything thrown in for us from Mechs, super powers, amazing animation and supercell! Can’t go wrong there. Well the girls don’t look half bad either xD

    Gundam AGE Sure why not! I said this on Twitter a few times, if I can survive the lame ass Gundam SEED/DESTINY I think AGE will be easy to follow I rarely drop any gundam series but I did hate on that 00 movie….

    Well those three are my main interests, but with all seasons I usually watch everything or the first three episodes before dropping them. I did that with Tiger and Bunny after the first episode but I tried again and ended up loving that, maybe I will find something similar in fall?

  4. Fate/Zero, Guilty Crown and Persona 4 are my top anticipated picks of the season.

    Btw, RP, Guilty Crown is 2 cours so (UNGO is the 1-cour) one so you can somewhat rest in peace :).

  5. Interesting choices. Chihayafaru, Fate/Zero and UN-GO are the ones I have the most hope for this season. Technically, since Last Exile is my #1 series of all time, I should be excited about it, but I’m hell worried about it. I really fear Gonzo are going to make it a super-moe version this time. At least Range Murata’s art, Maaya Sakamoto’s singing and the Dolce Triade’s music are still top notch. But I worry for the story and the character styles, I really do. Last Exile was THE reason I became a permanent anime fan. I’ll be forever haunted if they make a mockery of it with the sequel.

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