Chihayafuru Episode 2: Childhood Troubles

True to his words in episode 1, Taichi got the entire class to ignore Chihaya. She doesn’t mind the mistreatment and tells Taichi that he shouldn’t be mean to Arata. She blurts out how great Arata is at karuta and could beat the entire class. Taichi takes on this challenge and says that it shall be settled at the upcoming karuta tournament. Continue reading “Chihayafuru Episode 2: Childhood Troubles”

Last Exile: Fam of the Silver Wing First Impressions- Steampunk’s Weird

Last Exile: Fam of the Silver Wing is the sequel to 2003’s Last Exile, which won my bronze award for being significantly better than most anime, but still not within spitting distance of some of the titans of the industry. While the first series focused on the journey of two friends as they delivered a girl named Alvis to a pirate ship and inadvertently put an end to the oppressive rule of their planet’s overseers, the sequel is operating on a grander scale.

While the story was quite good and the characters memorable, it did a less than satisfactory job with immersing the audience in the setting. It didn’t explain just who the Guild was until the end, or what the purpose of the conflict was that propelled the story forward. Thankfully, judging from the first episode of Fam of the Silver Wing, this issue has probably been rectified without dedicating several minutes to clumsy exposition. Also, you have a girl in negligee hanging by a bungee cord from a large aircraft, so I’m sure that plays to some kind of fetish. Continue reading “Last Exile: Fam of the Silver Wing First Impressions- Steampunk’s Weird”