Majikoi First Impressions

Not your typical eroge adaptation~!

Are you sure this was made from an eroge?!

What the…hell?

When I first clicked into this series, I thought: “Ah gawd, this will not come anywhere close to how awesome the game was…probably just another typical eroge adaptation like OreTsuba”.

Well, I did get the whole ” there’s lots of fanservice” guess-timation correct, but what I thought would turn out to be bland and pointless fanservice wasn’t quite right. Usually with eroge premiers, there is an abundance of fanservice of all different types of fetishes to lure in whatever type of hentais there are out there. However, Majikoi, instead of “forcing” these fanservice moments into the pre-existing context, does something that you don’t see often in adaptations. Majikoi juggles around with the original cast from the eroge and displays them in scenes that you’d normally expect them to be in.

Since when did I start playing Dynasty Warriors on my computer...

Well wouldn’t that limit the amount of fanservice? Hell yes! Does that make this appeal to more people? It should, because on the internet, you hear people complaining: “AHMAHGAWD did you see that show? It has so much fanservice! EW EW EW!”. While I never shy away from excessive fanservice, Majikoi’s “moderated” approach is by far the most viewer-friendly. Literally, that slice of fanservice that Majikoi dishes out seems to be at the right dosage. Not too much to make you disgusted and not too little for you to not want to buy the bluray.

As for the plot of Majikoi, this is a frustrating matter. While the show and story is relatively simple, the fact that the FIRST episode starts with Momo-nee’s bad end makes it very confusing for individuals who haven’t played the eroge. It would seem as if there was prerequisite to watching the show…Though I’m not saying that people on the internet are retards, but if they didn’t play the game and watched the premier, it could be the difference from picking up the show or dropping it due to confusion.


While the plot may be somewhat confusing due to lack of explanation, the characters actually fare pretty well. In terms of dynamic-ness, I think, eroges do that the best. After all, eroge makers do try to satisfy everyone’s tastes. For example, there’s Momo-nee’s 90 bust and model-like figure for siscons like me, or there’s the 2F class rep loli for pettanko lolicons. See? Perfect match already. This is exactly why I would like to look more in-depth into eroge because you know there’s always at least one character you’ll like.

Oh and before I forget, the art was…actually not bad. As with most eroge adaptations, the characters are all drawn very beautifully. While Majikoi’s characters resemble those from the eroge, I think, in my opinion, they seem to be lacking the lustre they had from the CGs they had in game…which can be the difference between Hanasaku Iroha and R-15. So, for the characters themselves, they were okay, but obviously to my disappointment, but as for the background, it was mediocre as well. Thus, the art for Majikoi is probably just going to be pass-able for rest of the season.

Now that's sexy.

So we got a taste of the first episode, which was much better than expected, but will this set the tone for the rest of the season? Obviously not. In my eroge-adaptation-watching tenure, I’ve yet to see one of them become a “favourite”. This is because eroges tend to start bad and end bad, or start good and end bad. All in all, they’re just bad. However, while you’d expect one who has played the game to be able to predict how the season will be, but in all honesty, I don’t think anyone will have a clue what would happen after Momo’s bad end. While it’s going to be a harem, which is pretty standard of an eroge adaptation, it could either  fall into the tainted category of “doomed eroge anime” or be one of the rare adaptations that reach stardom.


And reject him she did. That’s because Momo-nee loves me the most. Right-o

So in the end, the verdict comes down to “should you watch this show”? Well, usually I stray away from recommending others to watch adaptations, but you know what? I’m actually going to tell you guys to watch it. Not because I know how good it could be based on the eroge or how much I love Momo-nee’s pillows, but rather, if you looked at the first episode critically, it’s already vastly different from the usual “introduce the whole cast and have unnecessary fanservice” approach, which I completely approve. While Majikoi might not get a lot of viewers due to the whole “eroge” thing, I’m sure the people who’ve played the game will be very motivated to watch it at the very least.

FUFUFUFU…can’t wait for Majikoi related goods to come out…FUFUFUFU

Oh and before I completely sign off, this is the protagonist we’re all going to be jelly of:

My bisexual tendencies are starting to emerge again...

5 Replies to “Majikoi First Impressions”

  1. I actually was impressed by the first episode, but recently caught the second ep. Now I’m convinced that this show isn’t for me. I just don’t enjoy harem hijinx. The first episode managed to play up the battle aspects, but that disappeared almost completely in episode 2. Too bad, because the first episode had me reconsidering my initial skepticism. For me this one is dropped.

    1. Ah yes, I see what you mean.
      They certainly did ramp up the fanservice action in the 2nd episode…which isn’t that bad. However, as you said the “harem hijinx” is quite a major turn-off factor. Obviously since it’s an eroge adaptation, there’s bound to be a harem because adaptations aren’t obviously just focusing on one single route.

      It would almost seem as if the first episode is meant to be some form of a “trap” to lure viewers in, which it actually did well. However, with the 2nd episode reverting back to eroge adaptation mediocrity tendencies, I have low hopes for the rest of the season.

      Obviously harem will play a large factor in Majikoi’s newly gained low ratings, but the fact that I’ve played the game and know about it’s potential makes me want to continue on watching the anime to see if it does turn out how I wanted it to.

      After all, eroge adaptations aren’t made to just satisfy one single route, they have to try to advance all routes at a time…which is very annoying.

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