Maken-Ki! First Impressions

Holy shizznits.

Eyecatching eyecatch is very eyecatching.

Before I do my little first impressions post here, let me get something clear. While I do enjoy ecchi stuff such as oppai and pantsu, it doesn’t mean I can’t LIVE without them. Surely life would be a lot more bland that way, but it’s not a necessity for me in anime. So if I’m not that terribly into ecchi, then why am I doing a first impressions for this show? Well, since it is all about ecchi and sexuality, I’d figure that most people wouldn’t want to do it, plus I wanted to watch the show for…”personal interests”.

Haru-nee ❤

So now that I’ve established I’m not a total pervert, let’s begin~

With the main focus of Maken-Ki being all about chicks fighting, nearly all girls having D cups+, guys not doing anything at all, and the whole osana najimi gimmick, Maken-Ki doesn’t sound terribly original. I mean, straight off the bat, I was reminded of Freezing, a show in Spring 2011, that had the exact same genres. While I do admit Maken-Ki!’s plot does have a sense of originality based on the whole “school girls fighting each other” with odd weapons called “Maken” and being able o control elements, the plot is essentially a Frankenstein of parts from other anime. While I’m not trying to make sound as if Maken-Ki’s plot was absolute crap, it certainly gives off that feel in the first episode.

That oppai. Anybody wanna go for a boat cruise?

Alright the moment you’re all waiting for. What do I think about the ecchi? Well it certainly does the “vodka shots per pantsu shot” game very well. No, seriously speaking, if I had a vodka bottle and did shots every time I saw a pantsu from Maken-Ki!, I’d probably be hammered 5 minutes in. That’s how much ecchi there is. And while I certainly don’t mind ecchi, there are certain limits. Confucious once said: “A couple of pantsu at a time is the correct dosage. Too much is what I call overdose”. Okay he didn’t say that and neither would he say something so lame, but certainly, the fanservice is TOO excessive in Maken-Ki! It feels like a Highschool of the Dead / Freezing! Like I mean, don’t you notice that all girls jiggle their oppai every time they walk? Ridiculous!

Also, again, while I certainly don’t mind lingerie and cheeky brassiere, you’d expect a reserved vice president to wear something more her age and less…slutty? That lace/colour/ribbon literally shouts: “Come f*** me now! I want you c** all over my oppai~! Ahhnnnn~”. Certainly that’s what my mind was going through as I went through that scene, but your mileage may vary.

Totally jizzed my pants at this point. This was only about 6 minutes in.

As for Maken-Ki!’s execution of its first episode, it was a total disaster. Many characters were introduced and by introduce, I mean as in, they give you the names of the character and that’s about it. While Takeru and Haru-nee are introduced to a good degree, the other characters, including the other main characters seem so…redundant. Aside from the failure of a character introduction, Maken-Ki! also blatantly fails to explain its own premise. I mean, what the hell is a “maken”? Why our bishoujos fighting each other? How can they synthesize those weapons from mid-air? Why does Haru-nee, why next potential waifu, have to stick with that pussynyan nerd Takeru? Certainly Maken-Ki! provides the audience with lots of questions, but not enough answers to make the audience know what in the world they’re watching.

Glorious, glorious oppai. This oneechan. I must make her mine.

Also, another noteworthy (in a bad way) of Maken-Ki!’s premier is how it resembles a typical eroge adaptation anime. I mean, in this very first episode, Takeru, gets to kiss 2 girls and grope my beloved Haru-nee. HOW DARE HE LAY HIS HANDS ON MY HARU-NEE. DOES HE WANT TO DIE?! Anyways, you get my point. It seems like it was literally “stuffed” into one episode, which is usually a bad idea.

So how can this show improve as the season progresses? Well, first things first. TURN DOWN THAT ECCHI CONTENT. As I said before, I’m certainly a “fan” of ecchi, but I can’t stand an excessive amount of it, so instead of putting emphasis on 2D oppai, they should work on their godforsaken plot line. This brings up to the second point. Maken-Ki! needs to get its plot organization a lot better. I mean, sure you can have kisses in the first episode, but TWO? That’s simply overkill. And while Hannibal may say: “Overkill is underrated”, it certainly is not in ecchi anime and especially when it’s random and/or poorly staged. Next, Maken-Ki! needs to slow down its pace and be able to explain the plot more carefully. If it continues along with the Majikoi bandwagon and assumes all viewers have played/read the original, then Maken-Ki is going to lose a lot of viewers because Maken-Ki somehow just doesn’t seem as appealing.


This is going to be a love tri...wait. What shape would this be?!

So, had Maken-Ki! accomplished all that I mentioned above in the first episode, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to cover it, but because of the excessive ecchi and the whole “enjoy-on-your-own-time” approach to Maken-Ki!, I’m just going to have to watch this. By myself. Probably with a Haru-nee dakimura. In a dark room. Together.

If she looks this moe while she's angry, then I can't wait to see what happens when she tries to be moe~


7 Replies to “Maken-Ki! First Impressions”

  1. Like you said, Maken-Ki and Maji Koi both assume one knows their origins well and just throw you into the midst of things and loading episodes with innuendo rather than establishing what’s going on and why. Generic harem, mediocre aesthetics, censorship = $$$ on DVD release strategy. Definitely in the bottom tier of this season. Although it’s not quite as bad as C3.

    1. I completely agree.
      Like, Sekirei’s male lead was useless enough already…but this guy, not only does he get all the chicks, he’s a complete retard. There’s not a single redeeming factor about him that makes him seem plausible. To be honest, it’s kind of already obvious who’s wearing the pants in this show.

  2. Sabishii! It’s been too long since I’d seen a blog from you (or just that I haven’t dropped by RP in a while)

    I’ve been told the manga is actually pretty good. Whether it was this poor at the beginning or not I don’t know, but it’s pretty frustrating when you can obviously see the production company wanting to sell a blu-ray and that the series is only 12 episodes.

    That male lead is horrible though. You’re absolutely right in giving him, at the most, a shot of him without his face being seen.

    1. True? XD Haha
      Yeah, school stuff has been getting the better of me but my dearth of new posts is going to change TONIGHT.

      Hmm, I have a few copies of Dragon Age, the monthly manga volume that Maken-Ki!’s from, and it does seem relatively okay. Sure it has the equal amount of TNA, but it looks far more reasonable. However, in comparison to the actual rating versus the anime’s rating, it’s like the difference between a cheesy eroge anime or Bakemonogatari. And yes, spot on about the blu-ray tactic and the 12 episodes. Super disappointing.

      Yes, I realized early on in this series that the male lead is most likely not going to appear in any of my screenshots. Why would I possibly ever want to defile the purity of my posts with his…pathetic-ness? XD

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