Fate/Zero’s dysfunctional love triangle

Who knew Fate/Zero would turn out to be a melodramatic love triangle?

Playing the dedicated creeper

Love the job Satoshi Tsuruoka is doing with Caster – perfectly creepy and insane.

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Why Gen Urobuchi is taking the anime world by storm.

2011 has been a really riveting renaissance year for anime, as we’ve seen anime Blu-Ray sales stunningly soar, and strong new offerings in the magical girl and sci-fi genres, both of which had badly needed some scintillating sparks to move them forward again. Perhaps no lone person has played a bigger role in this year of recovery for the anime world than Gen Urobuchi, and in this blog post, I will explore why he’s been received so well and been rather effective. Continue reading “Why Gen Urobuchi is taking the anime world by storm.”