Fate/Zero’s dysfunctional love triangle

Who knew Fate/Zero would turn out to be a melodramatic love triangle?

Playing the dedicated creeper

Love the job Satoshi Tsuruoka is doing with Caster – perfectly creepy and insane.

Most romantic death threat ever

I think the toughest part about Fate/Zero is understanding all the master’s names and relationships. I’m still not sure I understand the relationships amongst Kayneth, Kiritsugu, Kotomine Kirei and Tokiomi Tohsaka. It was a lot easier when you could tell everyone apart by their zettai ryouiki grade.

Rider - nopan like a boss.

3 Replies to “Fate/Zero’s dysfunctional love triangle”

  1. It was a lot easier when you could tell everyone apart by their zettai ryouiki grade.

    ahaha! I clicked through expecting to see love triangle analysis, and got this fun piece instead. I’m quoting that xP

    fwiw I don’t fully understand what’s going on between those four either, except they seem mostly hostile to each other, even in apparent alliance. I expect that’s part of what will be developed as the show moves forward though. I don’t particularly enjoy these background twisting around with in-the-shadow string pullers thing, so I’m digging the Master-Servant and Servant-Servant dynamics more than the Master-Master ones so far. Great show, really enjoying it.

    1. Yeah F/Z has been great so far. Awesome animation. A little bit long-winded at times, but overall I’ve been really impressed. Like you mention, they’ve also done a really nice job with the Master-Servant & Servant-Servant dynamics.

  2. I can’t even sort of keep track of everyone’s names right now. I know Kotomine and I know Uryuu and Kiritsugu (I love Uryuu because I have a strange attraction to psychopaths…Caster can go away though).

    I’m just baffled by the relationship between Kiritsugu and whatshername. The woman who like, works for him. Also Irisviel is awesome.

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