Nisemonogatari 03: An unhealthy relationship

Plot progression in Nisemonogatari is a precious commodity – the show is so character driven that whenever it does move the plot along there’s usually a lot of weight behind it.

Evil always operates in a blood red sky

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Two random blokes chat about the Winter 2012 season

Every “season preview” is an experiment for me. Experiment in styles and formats. For a long time, I tried to highlight key bits of information. For this season I’ve decided to take a complete 180, go barebones and focus on entertainment – or what I hope is entertainment. This is basically just an edited conversation with me and Sabishii. We’re light on info and any sort of details, but with all the other previews, hopefully you should have a pretty good idea of what the shows are about. Let’s see how this format flies.

In case you’re not yet familiar with the shows, you should check out other previews you may find more helpful for informational content: THAT, The Cart Driver, Caraniel, Random C, and Sekijitsu (no Sea Slugs preview this season?)

What I'll mostly be doing this season

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