Two random blokes chat about the Winter 2012 season

Every “season preview” is an experiment for me. Experiment in styles and formats. For a long time, I tried to highlight key bits of information. For this season I’ve decided to take a complete 180, go barebones and focus on entertainment – or what I hope is entertainment. This is basically just an edited conversation with me and Sabishii. We’re light on info and any sort of details, but with all the other previews, hopefully you should have a pretty good idea of what the shows are about. Let’s see how this format flies.

In case you’re not yet familiar with the shows, you should check out other previews you may find more helpful for informational content: THAT, The Cart Driver, Caraniel, Random C, and Sekijitsu (no Sea Slugs preview this season?)

What I'll mostly be doing this season

RP: i’m pretty psyched for Natsume 4

Sabishii: So since I don’t know anything about that series…I’ll leave that to you lol ~

RP: lol ok. I thought the 3rd season was a bit more varying in quality compared to the first two seasons, but if there’s one thing I learned from reading the Natsume mangas, it’s that there’s still plenty of good stories for them to animate.

Sabishii: onto the next show… PoT?

RP: New Prince of Tennis? I dont even know anything about the old prince of tennis

Sabishii: Not that I have anything against PoT, but hasn’t this show around since I was a kid? Like seriously, shouldn’t that Prince of Tennis be in his mid-twenties? It’s like trying to bump a ridiculously old and dusty forum post

RP: Yeah, I don’t have much interest in it. Sports anime in general are sort of meh for me. Doubly so when I don’t really have any connection with the “original” show

Sabishii: Indeed, that’s the same with me. However, Slam Dunk is an exception. That anime was beyond awesome.

RP: lol, I never saw it.

Sabishii: oh dear. Anyways…any feelings for Milky Holmes?

RP: Didn’t watch the first, no interest in the second. They sort of started the whole loli detective trend, huh?

Sabishii: Yeah. It’s a good way to explore more interesting story lines, but the art is just a major turn off. I simply can’t stand that moe loli overload. It’s too much. Sorry dannychoo.

RP: Ok then, Recorder to Randoseru

Sabishii: Cutesy-ish art, looks fairly reasonable. In fact, the plot seems quite original. Not sure how it’ll work out, but it’ll definitely be interesting to watch. However, one main problem I would have with shows like this is that, what would be the purpose? Is there an “ending”?

RP: It’s a 4-koma adaptation… they generally have no purpose. I dunno, the premise seems ridiculous to me

Sabishii: Well ridiculous it is, that’s what makes it all the better. You can’t be repeatedly watching the same old generic anime

RP: Not really ridiculous in a good way. The girl just seems blatant lolicon-bait

Sabishii: i guess so…lol. Good point. Well I’m not too much into moe lolis as you know

RP: And the grown up 11-year old can play to daddy fantasies.

Sabishii: So could this be like an usagi drop? 😀

RP: Yeah… no, I don’t think so 😛 I’m passing on this. Thumbs down

Sabishii: Guess I’ll agree with you on this one 😉 Highschool DXD next? [RP’s note – Japan continues to spell “high school” wrong]

RP: High School DxD… this seems like your kinda show – raunchy and suspect in quality 😉

Sabishii: Indeed 😀 It’s funny how D X D is probably meant to be devil x devil but, i’m pretty sure in shows like this it’s just the heroine’s bust size DD :D. I’m going to see how it works out, because, in the manga, it wasn’t that bad at all actually

RP: Yep, yep. There’s always at least one or two shows like this every season. Plot is secondary to bust sizes. Ridiculous bust sizes.

Sabishii: Manyuu Hikenchou. lol. Seikon no Qwaser. Derp. You know  Qwaser wasn’t as bad, if only they took out the nipple-sucking-for-energy thing and copious ero

RP: That’s like saying murder is not bad if you take out the whole killing part

Sabishii: lol. The whole “chemistry-user” thing was pretty attractive to me tbh, but i guess I saw more to Qwaser than most people did. that’s how i survived the first season 😀

RP: The director for DxD has worked on some interesting shows in the past though, not all ero anime.

Sabishii: Oh that’s interesting background info. Anyways I guess you’re goign to leave me with the investigation 😀

RP: Yeah, you can write about this show if you want. I’m not watching it.

Sabishii: Hahaha. Even if if i tell you it’s ridiculously good? 😀

RP: yep, I’m very biased based on first impressions 😉

Sabishii: We’ll see ^^ Anyways next. Area. Immediate thumbs down

RP: Area no Kishi… more sports anime

Sabishii: Generic art. Ridiculously generic plotline. Sports tied in with romance. Sorry, but I’ve watched this too many times. Thumbs down.

RP: Ok then. That makes two of us with the thumbs down.

Sabishii: Glad you’re agreeing.

RP: Zero no Tsukaima 4. Have you watched the previous seasons?

Sabishii: i’ve always wanted to see what the hype is about… but never got a chance to. Seeing how this is the final season for ZnT, it better be damn good.

RP: I think you’d like it.

Sabishii: However, I’m shelving it till like…August.

RP: It’s a notch above the ero anime

Sabishii: Oh? So it’s like HOTD? 😀

RP: Mmm, a little classier than HOTD… not much classier. It’s not bad

Sabishii: i’d expect so

RP: I liked the first season, and the ending of the second season was great. The third season sucked though

Sabishii: DERP

RP: I’m guessing this fourth season will suck too, but I’ll give it a shot


RP: Occasionally the drama moments are really well done

Sabishii: :3

RP: I guess I should mention that the director of the 1st season is also doing this season. So maybe there’s hope. Daily lives of high school boys… you’re kinda show? 😛

Sabishii: LOL. What am I? A shoujo? Nah, to be honest it does seem like it but the art, sorry. It’s like madoka for me. Good plot, perhaps. Bad art. [RP’s post-game comment – Madoka art was great!]

RP: lol, a couple years ago, I joked about the lack of Ichigo Mashimaro type shows with an all boys cast. Now it’s the new fad.

Sabishii: Hahaha. Gonna try one?

RP: Cute boys doing cute things? I’m going to pass. My time is precious 😉

Sabishii: Alright. Nexttt

RP: Ok, so finally, a decent show perhaps… Another. Terrible name

Sabishii: It sounds remarkably interesting however, too dark for my tastes. I guess this is going to be you?

RP: PA Works always makes beautiful shows. Pure horror is not really my thing, but I’ll give it a shot.

Sabishii: Yes that’s true~ the art is good. I’m thumbing this one up, but I still doubt I would watch – seems too dark.

RP: Yeah, we’ll see how it goes. These types of shows always seem hit or miss

RP: Rinne no Lagrange

Sabishii: hmm, I like the whole mecha thing, as usual, but the story is too iffy. I’m defs going to take a peek. If it can’t wow on the first episode, I’m pulling out.

RP: Yeah, I’ve never been a big XEBEC fan, and lately the mecha shows have been pretty awful, but I’ll probably give it an episode or two to win me over.

Sabishii: I guess we’re the same then. Do you want to do the FI?

RP: the FI?

Sabishii: first impressions

RP: No, you can go have it. I think you’re probably looking forward to the show more than I am. I just have a passing curiosity 😛

Sabishii: LOL. alrighty. Next…

RP: Black Rock Shooter… I never watched the OVA. Did you?

Sabishii: Yes. The OVA, despite popular belief was absolute shit…well at least for the first 35 minutes of the 40. No speaking, just grunting and hmphing. Like wtf, you have hanazawa kana and you don’t give her lines. The whole BRS thing, I believe, is still pretty shrouded in mystery. However, since the music is by supercell, I guess I’ll be watching it.

RP: Mari Okada is the writer for the show though… she didn’t do the OVA. She’s not bad, occasionally very good

Sabishii: guess I’m full in then 😀

RP: I bet BRS gets her Canaan/Fractale treatment though… nonsensical :-P. Ok, Amagami 2. I didn’t watch the original, well, save for the first episode.

Sabishii: DIBS. DIBS. DIBS. Haruka Morishima is my eternal waifu, lol. well actually I enjoyed the majority of the first season, except I didn’t like some of the girls.

RP: What’s the deal with this show? Didn’t the main guy already hook up with everyone?

Sabishii: Not sure what the hell the sequel is about. Probably just to siphon more dough out of fans but I’m all in. However, can I choose what arcs I want to cover? There’s girls that I don’t like and I don’t want to waste time on them LOL ;D

RP: lol, No – all the girls need to be treated fairly 😛 [RP’s note – Rabbit Poets is an equal opportunity employer]

Sabishii: Fine. Got it. Anyways. Nexto.

RP: Kill Me Baby. Pass. There might’ve been a time that I’d give a show like this a chance – random nonsense gags and whatnot, but I think I’ve had my fill of them.

Sabishii: ridiculous moe loli shit. you know as soon as I saw that picture I’m putting a big X on this show… so what about that Mouretsu pirate show. The art looks fantastic, but the plot…doesn’t seem very appealing somehow…

RP: What? Bodacious space pirates not convincing enough? 😛

Sabishii: bastard

RP: Or Miniskirt pirates

Sabishii: HNNG

RP: I guess take your pick

Sabishii: it’s not that I don’t find it appealing it’s that I do take plot into consideration…sometimes… lol 😀

RP: Well, it could be a fun show

Sabishii: yeah I’ll defs be doing a FI, but I can’t say for sure I’ll watch the whole season. It looks fun as you say, but you never know.

RP: I’ll probably wait to hear what others say before watching it though.

Sabishii: Next one is a pass btw. Not into that weird stuff.

RP: Inu x Boku? Ok, thumbs down. Two thumbs down?

Sabishii: Nyeas. Next one thumbs down [Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai], thanks to moe lolis.

RP: We should just rip off Siskel and Ebert. Two thumbs up – two thumbs down and everything in between

Sabishii: LOL, i’ve heard of that somewhere. I swear to god i can’t remember. Fail. Okay… Brave10?

RP: Hold on. let’s go over Papa

Sabishii: lolwut. Fineeeee……………………………..

RP: Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai

Sabishii: moe lolis, thumbs down

RP: lol, they’re just little kids!

Sabishii: plot seems fun though btw

RP: Ok, never mind. They’re college kids. Ha.

Sabishii: yeah, sorry, moe lolis being a main aspect of any show pisses me off

RP: I would’ve sworn they were like 12

Sabishii: hehehe. You’ve been baited and trolled. kekekeke

RP: I would watch it if AIC produced it, they make everything look good… Ok, Brave 10

Sabishii: Wait. Aside from that, Papa actually has some legit seiyuu – Daisuke Ono and Yui Horie. hnnnnggg. Pretty good i’d say. Too bad it’s a moe loli show.

RP: oh Daisuke Ono?

Sabishii: yes

RP: shoot then I have to watch it

Sabishii: Hehehhee, tell me how it goes 😀 Anyways Brave 10. Thumbs up. I’m a history buff and the art looks damn appealing. However, this is something I think it’ll be impossible to write about.

RP: Japan loves these Sengoku-era adaptations

Sabishii: so do I 😀

RP: Daisuke Ono’s in this one. I guess I have to watch this too. Although it’s gonna be a little weird, because I’m so used to the Sengoku Basara versions of these people.

Sabishii: Oh, Daisuke is in brave10? Well i’m watching for sure but no blogging. I didn’t like Basara. Too un-real.

RP: You didn’t like Basara?!

Sabishii: Not really.

RP: what!? O_o That’s blasphemy. I don’t know if I can accept Date Masamune not spouting random engrish phrases during battle.

Sabishii: LOL, sorry, it’s like I want to watch Sengoku anime but when it’s all pop-culturized, no thanks. I wanted something more down to earth. I guess I was looking for a different anime.

RP: lol, we’ll agree to disagree then.

Sabishii: hahha, anyways next Aquarion Evol.. hmmm. hmmm…. it seems really damn interesting but almost a Macross-like love triangle. I’ll watch it, but only FI like Rinne. Unless it absolutely wows me.

RP: Well, it does have members from the Macross Frontier team working on it, so I suppose the similarity makes some sense.

Sabishii: damn I’m good.

RP: Maybe they can copy Macross instead of trying to copy Code Geass and inadvertently give it its own character

Sabishii: I guess you’re a pass? I’m ambivalent

RP: I’ll give it a shot

Sabishii: oh nice

RP: My expectations for mecha anime have really fallen though

Sabishii: somehow I keep getting a sacred seven feel from this…

RP: Star Driver, Guilty Crown, and Sacred Seven were all godawful

Sabishii: Star Driver come on, we all know it was a shoujo’s Gundam. Guilty Crown…uh…yeah. Fanservice girl. Sacred Seven, as Lemmi puts it, godawful.

RP: I hope they give the main guy some personality. That would be my most obvious advice for anyone writing mecha stories from now on. Make your characters interesting. Very counterintuitive advice I know.

Sabishii: hahaha isn’t that what every show needs lol… I miss Gundam Seed so much.

RP: Senhime?

Sabishii: Senhime Zesshou Symphogear. HNNNNNNGGGGG DAT ASS. GOD what is with this sexual advertisement seriously. DAT ASS. IT SHINES.

RP: Strike Witches? Err, no what’s the other one – Infinite Stratos?

Sabishii: oh IS? It wasn’t bad actually but anyways they might as well have named this show Senhime Zesshou Nymphogear

RP: Skin tight outfits are necessary to minimize wind shear when flying around

Sabishii: I’m thumbing this one down…but still going to watch it 😛

RP: I’ll probably not watch it Thumbs down

Sabishii: just to see DAT ASS, lol

RP: lol

Sabishii: 2 thumbs down. kk moving on~

RP: ok, Nisemonogatari. Not a fan of Senjougahara’s short haircut, but this would get my vote for “probable best show of the season”

Sabishii: God, all star cast.

RP: I hope they mix up the storylines

Sabishii: wait so sequel as in arararararargi kun is returning and so is senjou and my tsubasa?

RP: Yes, but I dont know how big a role they’ll have

Sabishii: hmm, regardless, definitely thumbs up. All star cast. Sequel to awesome show. I’m in, but I guess I’l lleave this to you~

RP: ok, two thumbs up. that was easy

Sabishii: lol, u kidding? that is the most expected show of 2012. so far lol.

RP: Ok, so Ano Natsu. More JC Staff romance

Sabishii: the plot is okay-ish. I like the art though. It might be good just saying.

RP: Well most romance stories have a fairly bland plot, per se. It’s just whether or not the characters are likeable. JC Staff does a pretty good job usually with these types of shows though.

Sabishii: That’s what I’m hoping for~ and it is original so I’ll be doing a FI if you’re not~

RP: Mmm, you can have it

Sabishii: though the seiyuu cast is.. quite…bland

RP: I’m only going to watch it if the comedy > drama… what?

Sabishii: and you can tell the girl is made to attract male viewers

RP: Haruka Tomatsu! Yukari Tamura!

Sabishii: big boobies, red hair, meganneko, hnnnnnggg. Ah well, I’m definitely ready for some winter time romance. I’ll let you know if it’s more comedy>romance btw speaking of romantic comedies… how did u like school rumble?

RP: i thought it was one of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched. Loved it

Sabishii: good, then if it turns out like that…

RP: even though there’s never any progress

Sabishii: i’ll let you know. 😀 omg 3rd semester. Worst ending ever.

RP: I think School Rumble’s a whole different kind of show

Sabishii: I guess but still romantic comedy with emphasis on comedy and whatever aspects that made it awesome

RP: interestingly, the writer for HOTD is doing Ano Natsu

Sabishii: LOLwut, more bullet time?

RP: Of course he did Honey & Clover too, which is prolly a better comparison

Sabishii: oh then I’m in. LOL. anyways, thumbs up for sure.

RP: I give it… thumb halfway

Sabishii: hahaha, alright

RP: 1.25 thumbs up

Sabishii: that’s not half, that’s a quarter.

RP: Yeah, slightly pointing downwards 😛

So that’s our view of the winter season in a nutshell. Thumb slightly pointing downwards 😉

9 Replies to “Two random blokes chat about the Winter 2012 season”

  1. If I were to add a third thumb on the upcoming season I would go with a thumb-down (down-thumb?) as well. The “good” shows are still pretty weak in my opinion, and then we get the crap.

  2. Great conversation. 😀 Was really fun to read and follow. Reminds me of an above average AIM or MSN chat.

    Just a couple short notes on what you guys were talking about:

    Zero no Tsukaima’s first season was pretty good, imo. If you like shows like Shana, Index, and Toradora, you’ll probably like ZnT’s 1st season too. However, I’ve heard it goes a bit downhill after the first season, but never bothered to watch (personally, I was satisfied enough with the end of ZnT’s first season that I never felt a need to see “the rest of the story”).

    I recently watched Rinne no Lagrange first episode, and I think it’s one both of you guys would like. It’s a pretty good mix of sci-fi/mecha with slight fanservice with yuri subtext with a likeable lead. I wasn’t blown away by it, or anything, but it’s pretty solid material all-around, imo.

    1. lol, I’m glad it wasn’t just an average AIM/MSN chat… I think I need to aim higher next year. 😉

      Yeah, I liked ZNT’s 1st season too. Most of the second season was bad, but the ending in the 2nd season was really quite fantastic. It would actually be in my top 10 dramatic moments if such a list existed. The third was pretty unredeemable though.

      Alright, Rinne, I’ll give it a shot if you think it’s ok.

  3. FWIW I personally dig this format of previews. Or maybe it just reminds me of the fun stuff I read at Epic Win (RIP ;_;)

    I’m surprised you liked ZnT beyond season 1. Season 1 was sort of okay, but I really disliked 2 and 3. I’m not sure why in blazes I actually finished all of them, but if S4 is by the S1 writers, maybe I’ll just go out a mile on my craziness and finish that too @_@

    Also, oddly, I was just wondering to myself if Tomatsu is doing anything this season when I wandered into your “Haruka Tomatsu! Yukari Tamura!” exclamation lol. I hope she gets a major role, if so I’d prob watch that stuff just like I stuck to Nekogami (which turned out to be not bad). I’m not sure when or how but I seem to have turned into something of a Haruka Tomatsu fan somewhere along the line, though Yukari Tamura is ❤ too.

    Overall doesn't look like too exciting a season, so thumb slightly-pointing-down is a fair assessment methinks 🙂 Hopefully a show or two surprises me the way Ben-to did in fall though.

    1. I didn’t like most of S2, but I thought the ending was really good – Saito fighting off the swarms of armies in a battle to the death (I’ve totally disregarded the joke ending afterwards… that ruined everything).

      Haruka Tomatsu has been pretty quiet lately huh? I really liked her. I guess she’s focusing more on her idol career? (actually, I feel like all the Sphere members have taken less roles recently).

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