Nisemonogatari 01: Sexy angles, teases and conversational judo

In a lot of ways Bakemonogatari Nisemonogatari reminds me of Seinfeld – lots of entertaining, witty dialogue overshadowing the fact that not much actually happens in many of the episodes.

Has Senjougahara been spending her time off checking out lolcats?

 But that’s sort of the draw of Nisemonogatari, no? You tune in to enjoy the banter between everyone and maybe you get a little seed of a story that’s planted. The –gatari series just brilliantly sucks you into a labyrinth of dialogue – which oftentimes doesn’t connect to the point of the episode at all (in this case, Ararararagi’s evolving relationship with his sisters). In a weaker series, in a series that wasn’t unabashedly weird, in a series with cookie-cutter characters, it would be infuriating. But in –gatari, that’s the draw.

If you could just angle your head a little closer to the floor...

But it’s not just about the dialogue. One thing I reakky like about Shinbou’s style is that he constantly barrages your senses. If you’re not compelled by Senjougahara’s weird ideas of white knighthood, or by the wordplay between Hachikuji and Sharararagi Nisemonogatari then your eyes are being assaulted by bizarre scenery, or maybe upshots of Tsukihi’s yukata, or Hachikuji pulling up her skirt. But again, that’s the appeal of Shinbou, and the appeal of the –gatari series.

In my own long-winded way, I think what I’m trying to say is in the same weird way that Senjougahara and Araragi are perfect for each other, –gatari is the perfect project for Shinbou and why it’s so fun to watch.

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