AnoNatsu First Impressions

A potentially weird love story from student to teacher, a student to alien, and another student to the latter student. Weird, but still a better love story than Twilight.

Since when did this guy know my tricks?

There’s two possible ways to describe this show straight off the bat

1. An ecchi or very fanservice-laden show with a ridiculously great plot

2. A pretty damn good show laced with quite a bit of fanservice.

All in all, the point is, this show is great and it comes with fanservice. While I may find it to be the best combination in the world, some people would refer to the show as being “tainted” with the idea that fanservice is required. However, who cares what you think? This is a post about what I think.

I don't know? Red hair? Meganekko? Ridiculously amazing figure? HNNNGGGG!!

So before I watched AnoNatsu, I watched a bit of Mouretsu. From Mouretsu, I thought I would be getting all of my required daily fanservice, but as it turns out to be, most of it is in AnoNatsu. While there are no panty shots or anything like in Seikon no Qwaser, AnoNatsu does its fanservice by showing sukumizu, oppai as jiggly as jello, and some unconscious motor-boating all in the first episode.

Though I’m not opposed to all that wonderful stuff I’m getting out of AnoNatsu, I would have to say I’m fairly surprised. My initial reaction for AnoNatsu was that it was going to be a nice romantic comedy. The type of stuff you would enjoy once a week. However, as the end of the first episode was drawing near, the whole anime seemed to be somewhat akin to Asobi Ni Iku Yo!.

My face is like that of Kaito's sister. I didn't expect this at all.

Aside from referring to the fanservice from Asobi, what AnoNatsu did the same was introduce a bishoujo who lacks common sense of this world and is very unaware of the power of her oppai. In fact, Ichika and Eris are pretty much the same type of character. While this may not bode well in the eyes of romantic animu buffs, I instead see this as a break from tradition, and that it may just give the anime the boost of adrenaline and spice that warm-blooded shounens like me are looking for.

That reaction when you realize you accidentally said what you wanted to say to her when she's your GF: "I wanna butter you up and make the crazy, wild sex with you all night long"

Aside from the unexpected soft ecchi, what was surprising was AnoNatsu’s style of production. It seemed somewhat reminiscent of Hoshizora, yet a classier version of it, and somehow mixed in together with a touch of Bakemonogatari’s legit narration style. While it’s not like this hasn’t ever occurred before, but I don’t think you get many high-quality anime like this anymore. The way AnoNatsu does it certainly makes me more engaged with the show.


While the plot is pretty basic and well understood, I like it how Ichika was designed to make herself seem ridiculously obvious to be the alien that “killed” Kaito. It saves me time guessing and whatnot, though I think they made it a bit TOO obvious. In fact, I would’ve thought that had they saved this for a later episode, it would have more of an interesting impact.

Also, because of how this anime is set in a more rural part of Japan, as opposed to the iron jungle of Tokyo, there is a lot of room for excellent scenery, for example, like Hanasaku Iroha. Though the art is not as fantastic as Hanasaku, it’s great to see an anime with a good emphasis on the background, and not just on drawing bishoujos with shiny shaven legs and gleaming oppai.

Sadistic Loli? Check.

In addition, I thought the voice acting was SUPERB. The girls sounded the way I would picture them and Mio/Ichika sounded extremely moe. I don’t say this often, but I think I’ve fallen for a character thanks to their voice actor. Also, I love the “monotone” we get for Lemon when she talks in “regular mode” and the quick transition to a more deathly tone for her “sadistic mode”. Aside from the moe girls and the sadistic loli, even the male cast were done pretty well. Tetsuro with his boss and playboy vibe, Kaito with his nerdy and scheming feel. It’s a perfect match.

Oh I'll teach you how to act in an AV~! We can practice all night long, baby~!

Oh and before I forget, it’s definitely been awhile since I’ve last heard an OP/ED combo that made me want to DL it straight away. The last anime I watched that gave the same feeling was DURARARA!! and…that’s quite awhile ago. Though there weren’t any solid JROCK with powerful tunes for AnoNatsu, there were soft songs for the OP/ED. A perfect fit for the OP/ED segment and sets the tone for the anime. Damn solid.

Bathing-towel-wrap girl-kiss? Why has this never happened to me yet?

So I guess you pretty much guess the idea of what’s going on and how I feel about this show. It’s  without a doubt that I’m going to follow this show…not for Ichika’s ridiculous oppai, but because this is a type of anime you don’t come across often; a show with a great plot potential laced with slightly-moderate ecchi.

Though I can’t really say why (as in, lack of words/descriptions) I already love this anime, I can tell you this: from this episode onwards, it’s going to separate the lovers and the haters. People who are like me who solely expected a decent anime, may be aghast at the ecchi and turned off by it, or there are people who are even more like me, and continue to watch because they realize that this show COULD be different.

Why the hell did I learn CPR-C when all I have to do is get some oppai and help resuscitate people that way?

4 Replies to “AnoNatsu First Impressions”

    1. Do you remember Hoshizora?
      They had a first episode kiss too…and it was even from a VN adaptation, which is meant to be a ridiculously good romance story.

      However, I am as equally surprised because it’s meant to be an anime with a good plot.

      1. Never got around to seeing Hoshizora. Wonder how many other animes there have been (deliberate) first kisses in the first episode.

      2. Despite it been all “d’aww/OMG/cute!”, I thought it was somewhat random? Why did she kiss him? Did she feel bad for killing him? He’s not even the most attractive male cast in the show. So in a way, I thought it was kind of poorly explained. There’s no way a girl would randomly kiss some dude, even if she just fell in love with him.

        Oh, Hoshizora was completely by accident. It was a very cliche kiss, so not the typical “elaborate-must-kiss-hot-babe” type of scene.

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