Mouretsu Pirates First Impressions

SOPA is not going to like this anime.

She takes the meaning of space pirating a tad bit far.

So…uh…is it just me or does this show give off a “Star Driver” vibe?


When I was first going over this show with RP during our Season Preview conversation, I pretty much gave it a thumbs down. At first, the idea of “Space Pirates” was beyond stupid for me. However, being the slightly-perverted-high-school-student that RP makes me out to be, I couldn’t resist his line of “short skirts” and “bishoujos”, thus I pretty much had to do a first impressions of this show.

At the start of the show, I thought it was going to be very “Gundam-like” with all its intense cinematics and dark/gloomy history about wars and whatnot. However, as the first few moments of the episode went by, my impression changed from expecting a retarded/baseless/lack-of-plot anime to an anime that I could potentially watch.

How does this tie in with Space Pirates? Who cares? Everyone loves meidos.

It wasn’t the maid cafe. It wasn’t Marika’s sexy hair nor Chiaki’s orgasmic parfait-eating-segment, but rather that something resembling a reasonable plot can be seen. Though it wasn’t giving too much hope for a bright future for the show, it went from being regarded as something lackluster to a reasonably okay show with a decent plot.

Though I do applaud Mouretsu for defying my initial low expectations, what Mouretsu had in the show still didn’t feel as if it had enough “meat” to it. As a show about “Space Pirates”, I can pretty much picture the show being filled with mini-arcs and random tales. That’s how it’s going to be. There’s no questioning it. It’s not a romantic anime, after all.

While I may be quite ambivalent on Mouretsu’s plot, I’m actually quite impressed how the show is carried out. As I said before, my original incentive for watching Mouretsu was thanks to RP’s comments about how there were going to be bishoujos  and whatnot, thus I expected a bit of ecchi and a bit of fanservice. To be honest, I don’t think I remembered seeing a single panty shot the whole episode. Not that I’m disappointed or anything, but I thought this was great. A show with moe bishoujos and no excessive fanservice. Perfect.

Orgasmic eating 101.

Or wait…would Chiaki’s decadent reaction to eating the chocolate parfait be some sort of fanservice/ecchi? You never know kids these days, anything can be a fetish.

While the first episode certainly clears up quite a bit about the whole background story, I did notice there was some parts that seemed utterly unacceptable. For example, could Marika never have questioned who her dad was? Where he is? In addition, Ririka (Marika’s mother) said she was waiting for the right time to tell Marika that her father was a captain of a space pirate ship. Does her definition of a right time mean “After your father dies and I’m drunk with some curvaceous woman who so happens to be my BFF that I’ve never told you about”? I don’t think so.

Correct reaction indeed.

Thus to me, that whole segment was a complete blunder. I don’t know if it’s because they couldn’t find a better way to explain the whole deal in 24 minutes and still have room for plot development, but the poor execution really gave me a bad impression. However, being the anime optimist that I am, I do see a couple of things done correctly though. For example, Marika’s reaction was textbook and befitting of her situation. It’s just that how Ririka and her friend are portrayed seems kind of…iffy.

Aside from that little fumble there, I do have another complaint about this show. In fact, it’s such a pet peeve that even if the show was ridiculously good, I’d still kind of hate it. Anyways, the point is, what kind of person would wear a pirate outfit in the era they’re in? I know they’re trying to emphasize the whole “pirate thing”, but that’s taking it too far. To be honest, I thought it was completely redundant and annoying. Though, since Marika is pretty moe, I don’t think I’ll mind it THAT much if she dons the outfit…

That derp feeling when you find out your mother is a former playmate.

So a wrap for this first impressions would be pretty much that, Mouretsu has potential to be a great show. While it may be a bit random at times and if you can get past the whole “space pirates” thing, Mouretsu could turn out to be a good underdog of the season. Though there are parts of the episode that made me feel as if the show was pretty weak, there were quite a few redeeming moments. For example, that “airport security” guy was a huge twist and the introduction of Chiaki was perfect for being cliffhangers. Anyways, I shall bid adieu for now.

Check back soon~! I may decide to follow this show 😀

6 Replies to “Mouretsu Pirates First Impressions”

  1. Wow, totally cannot tell if sarcasm. I need to read this blog more, I have no idea whether you truly think this way or just want to troll us. If it was the latter, congratulations, you’ve succeeded. Because I’m pretty sure a Gundam-like show with ‘intense cinematics and dark/gloomy history about wars and whatnot’ can’t be ‘retarded/baseless/lack-of-plot’. And when SPACE PIRATES doesn’t catch your attention, ‘short skirts’ and ‘bishoujos’ do?



      Actually, the lead in into the first episode actually gave me that “Gundam” feel to the show, but…obvious, just by reading the premise, it sounds like a retarded show.

      Sorry, space pirates just aren’t my thing. Bishoujos are.

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