Nisemonogatari 03: An unhealthy relationship

Plot progression in Nisemonogatari is a precious commodity – the show is so character driven that whenever it does move the plot along there’s usually a lot of weight behind it.

Evil always operates in a blood red sky

Loved the tense scene between Araragi and Kaiki, the Oshino-like fraud who was one of the five, who originally conned Senjougahara. The dark trees, heavy shadows and the foreboding redness of the whole scene was just beautiful. I don’t always love Shinbou’s design aesthetic (specifically I can almost always live without real life items being tossed into scenes here and there), but sometimes his work is just jumps off the screen like a magnificent piece of art.

There's something in between your teeth

One of the things I’ve been reconsidering is my Senjougahara-fascination. Blasphemy right? Now, I do love her as a character. She’s strong-willed, sharp-tongued and very charismatic. In a show full of potential haremettes, there’s no question that Senjougahara is Queen Bee and on a completely different level from everyone else. On the other hand, I’ve been thinking about her relationship with Araragi and how incredibly unhealthy it seems to be. Of course, it’s not completely realistic – the switchblade, the stapler and the kidnapping and whatnot. And most of it’s done with Araragi’s best interests in mind (or maybe Araragi had the hand down the throat coming). But it’s still incredibly warped and quite abusive. Araragi seems none worse the wear, and takes it all with good humor (which is probably why he’s the perfect – and maybe only – match for Senjougahara), which makes it “ok” but not really. I can’t help but think that the two might be better off not being a couple.

Shades of Morpheus?

Next week should be interesting – looking forward to seeing Araragi playing hero again for another damsel in distress. But I think more than anything, I’m piqued to see what the whole Senjougahara-Haneka conversation was all about.

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