Ano Natsu de Matteru, Episode 2 & 3: That awkward moment…

I do, but I don't think you do...

First off, let me apologize on being incredibly late with this post. A lot of complications have arisen in the past week or so, but I suppose it should be over by now.

Anyways, in my attempt to avoid the “tl;dr” message, I’m going to get really concise with this post.

Regardless, continuing on from the title:

  1. …when your sister ignores the fact that a well-endowed red-head was hugging you while you were naked and totally just forgets all of it and assumes the red-head is an orphan
  2. …when you have wild, sexual dreams about a red-head who you just met a few hours ago
  3. …your sister automatically assumes the red-head can cook and do laundry (perhaps even more)
  4. …a red-head meganneko wakes you up in a very, very see-through negligee
  5. …when you come home with a red-head hottie and find out your friends have broken into your house
  6. …the same friend who broke into your house has spiked a drink and aptly named it “Dynamite”
  7. …when a “Simon Says” game starts with you getting slapped and then forced to have sex with the girl of your (recent) dreams
  8. …when you’re about to more or less confess to that red-head and she stops you, even after a kiss on your forehead (though she does it in an ultra-kawaii way)
I've never wanted to exist in an anime THIS much.

Amazingly, through a description of awkward events, I have managed to sum up the whole second episode. I’m in no way criticizing Ano Natsu, but it just so happens to be ridiculously easy to follow and has a very forgiving paced plot.

So basically, in the 2nd episode, Ano Natsu places emphasis on Kaito’s sister traveling overseas and Ichika moving in. While some of their friends oppose to Kaito’s new tenant,  Kaito is over-joyed that the hot girl he now has a crush on is coming to live with him. Because most of his friends support the Kanna X Kaito flag, Kaito’s friends break into his house and plan a surprise “meeting” for the “movie” discussion. Obviously, adding to Kaito’s entourage is Lemon-senpai, who is IMHO the coolest loli I’ve seen, and she brings to the meeting a script for the movie, which is hopelessly rejected. After some detail discussions, the gang decides to “chill out” at Kaito’s house and have a party. Being the conniving loli Lemon is, she brought some drinks which are OBVIOUSLY spiked with some sort of alcohol.

Ultra-kawaii, no? I love it when my oneechans do this to me ❤

Because alcohol makes everything so much better, the party escalates into some “interesting” events such as Kanna being smexy,  a very awkward “Simon Says” game that ends in total disaster, and a lovely couple moment between Ichika X Kaito.

While the latter was very sweet and cute, it is the premise and “setup” for the majority of the third episode.

Anyways, because of that “uber-cute” and ridiculously confusing ending of the 2nd episode, both Ichika and Kaito seek to make amends  in the third episode.

Kaito, now believe that he has been outwardly rejected (DA FUQ?) by Ichika, he is scared to go to school to go face his friends about his rejection. Ichika, believing that Kaito has found out she’s an alien, is scared to talk to him in case he calls the “MEN IN BLACK”. Seriously people, how can a retardedly cute situation turn into something so messed up? Of course this is an anime and I should be more forgiving of “more-random” plots, but it was very hard for me to comprehend that a cute ending can be an awkward lead-in be so confusing for the characters.

In actuality, he totally is.

So pretty much in episode 3, it’s all about Kaito and Ichika trying to make up, but also avoiding each other as well. Basically, Kaito takes a day off from school, but when Kanna comes to visit him after school, the two go on a “date” to the local shopping district. In a panic mode herself, Ichika tails the two and tries to find Kaito. However, before Ichika can find the couple, Kanna is basically having the time of her life, getting incredibly attention from Kaito. While this goes on, the rest of Kaito’s entourage tail Kaito X Kanna and see what happens. Luckily, before Kanna can propose, Lemon unveils herself and “cock-blocks” Kanna.

This loli, I strongly recommend.

So during all that turmoil between Lemon and the now “fail-confess” Kanna, Kaito slips away and accidentally bumps into Ichika. The two decide to go somewhere discreet to have a serious talk about what they thought Kaito was going to “ask” during their cute encounter the previous night. Obviously, to their surprise, it is implied that both Kaito and Ichika find out that whatever they thought the other was going to say, clearly had nothing to do with what they had in mind.

But…being the awesome romance comedy show it is, Kaito and Ichika take the late night subway home…and Ichika decides to inquire who Kaito has a crush on. Ichika starts naming people, with Kaito promptly denying her guesses, until she said her own name…and then…super awkward/cute moment occurs again.

This moment had me chuckling, laughing, and tearing up all at the same time. ME GUSTA

God this show is so cheesy, but IMHO, it’s pretty much what I do IRL anyways.

So anyways, 3 episodes into this show, and I can guarantee that this type of cheesy romance is what otaku and regular people like. It’s hard to find such cheesy romance/comedy enjoyable, so I’m expecting quite a few of you are going to be in love with this show. While I have no complaints about seeing corny anime confessions, I do feel as if a confession in the 3rd episode is quite rushed. Don’t get me wrong, but I just thought that this might shorten the actual number of “relevant” plots in the coming episodes. Who knows, but whatever it is, I can’t wait for the 4th one!

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