Nisemonogatari 04: Not safe for work

I’ve been flying around a bit for the past few days so I’m an episode behind. I planned on watching Nisemonogatari on the plane… but then I realized that I probably would’ve been arrested at the gates for indecency.

Twilight - the early years

Was I watching Bakemonogatari 2 or an episode of Dance in the Vampire Bund? While it was nice to see the (surprisingly) eloquent Shinobu come out of her shell – apparently a whole season of keeping quiet meant bottling up a lot of things inside her – there was all sorts of unnecessary for this long stretch – ero loli, naked Araragi and most of their conversation – although I did enjoy the little riff between the two about Araragi’s potential vampire-infused Methuselah-esque lifespan.

Making good use of Araragi's palacial bed

On the other hand, I really like the new Hanekawa. Both in terms of design as well as personality. It’s a nice bit of growth from the prior reserved, know-it-all megane version of Hanekawa. I wasn’t a big fan of her character last season – but this version of Hanekawa seems more self-assured, more mature – and just more interesting all around. Of course, like most of the Bakemonogatari girls, Hanekawa ends up on Araragi’s bed – didn’t he just nearly get murdered for that? Guys never learn when it comes to cute girls.

My new favorite yangire

2 Replies to “Nisemonogatari 04: Not safe for work”

  1. Shinobu was for me at least the fresh surprise amidst all the ecchi. Yes, I actually don’t consider her much of her fanservice. Although naked her fanservice here was her way of talking. She reminded me of Horo from Spice and Wolf- witty, whimsical and mature despite the appearance. Her nakedness and Koyomi’s was seen by me as a signifier of their trust in each other. But perhaps it’s just me that really can’t understand the sexual charms of lolis…

    1. The difference between Horo and Shinobu, imo, is that Spice & Wolf didn’t really play up Horo’s fanservice in a sexual way, whereas Shinobu was spending quite a bit of bathtub time with Araragi – not always just “talking” either.

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