Nisemonogatari 09: Demented Ranka takes over

I’m not even sure you can consider the introduction of a couple of mysterious characters who may or may not have some connection with Oshino a major breakthrough for the plot, because with only two episodes left, I’m very skeptical about how big a role Kagenui and Ononoki will have.

May serenade the galaxy with emo breakup songs

I am declaring an early Ononoki Fascination movement. If you’re not impressed by the fact that she’s managed to escape Araragi’s harem clutches three minutes after meeting him, then perhaps you should be enthralled by how she looks like a demented version of Macross Frontier’s Ranka. I’m looking forward to Ononoki’s OP, which no doubt will include carrots.

I still remain on the lookout for Tsukihi, who has had about 30 seconds of screentime in her namesake arc. What a travesty.


Also. Hachikuji is too much cuteness and mature conversations. That is all.

Watch the latest episode of Nisemonogatari on Crunchyroll.

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