Nisemonogatari 10: Start of the end

Shinobu is so cute. Tsukihi is so cute. That is all…

Such a pragmatic little sister

Ok, maybe not. Nisemonogatari could’ve slowly slinked off with the softcore porn and gratuitious wincest and lolicon and well… even though I’ve complained about it most of the season, I guess I would’ve been ok with it. And then the show decided to throw a pretty big twist at us. The two curious characters we met last week – exorcists – not for exorcising the two semi-vampires, but Tsukihi who is or isn’t Araragi’s real sister.

Shinobu has the best faces
Brutal and graphic. Just like how I like my violence.

There was more intensity packed in the three minutes where demented Ranka obliterates Tsukihi and Araragi erupts in a vampiric murderous rage than we’ve seen all year. Part of the shock/wow factor comes the vast difference in dynamic. It’s like if you’d been walking a marathon for the first 25 miles, and then strapped on a jetpack for the last mile. I wasn’t sure how the scene would develop, but I certainly didn’t expect to see Tsukihi so explicitly and violently dismembered. Again, great use of colors and design in that scene.

Heroes in the white light?

It’s a shame Kagenui and Demented Ranka showed up so late in the game. Are they good guys in the traditional sense, in that they’re removing an evil presence? Maybe? If Tsukihi is like a parasite, it would be good to remove her. But what if she’s a beneficial parasite, is there any harm in allowing her to stay? And what about the risk of future costs? Kagenui and Demented Ranka raise good questions, but it’s so late in the game, I doubt we’re going to get to enjoy mulling them much or get a good answer to them.

Watch the latest episode of Nisemonogatari on Crunchyroll.


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