Ano Natsu de Matteru, Episode 11: What’s good doesn’t last forever.

I have a love & hate relationship with this show. I want to watch it, yet I can’t bear to watch it. It’s not that it’s bad or anything, but the romance in it just seems so remarkably real in comparison to some high school romances I know/experienced. Because of that, it’s a pain to watch because it invokes sentiments, but, I still believe the show is good enough to warrant me to watch it.

Did y'all miss me?

Before I go on to the post, I must apologize for being extremely flaky for the past 2 seasons, but life events, you must understand. Anyways, I won’t delve too much into a lengthy apology, but I’d just like to get that off my chest.

So as I was saying, Ano Natsu is a show that I love, yet it hurts me so much to watch it. While the romance scenes are considered somewhat “cheesy” in my opinion, but that’s what recent “real” high school romance is like. Forget all that “popular girl dates hot jock” sort of thing you can see in North American high schools, because this is what a true high school romance is like in Asia.

Because of the detail to realism, Ano Natsu sparks quite a few sentiments in me, so whenever a certain scene gets ridiculously similar to an event that has happened in my life, I bawl my eyes out. Yes, I cry, because men who actually love their women, cry.

Textbook sibling introduction. Emika's face is priceless.

Anyways, in this week’s episode, we start exactly at where episode 10 drops off, when Takatsuki Emika shows up. It appears that Emika is here to “pick up” Ichika because she is, instead of being just reported as “shipwrecked”, but rather “missing”. Upon Emika’s arrival, she lectures Ichika, and only to find out she has a boyfriend, Kaito…which causes her to go nuts.

After things settle a bit, the siblings and Kaito go back into the house and decide to talk this over some tea. Despite trying to come to a different solution to “SHIP ICHIKA BACK”, Emika insists that there is no other solution. Apparently there seems to be quite a lot of stiff “Universal” laws that prevent Ichika’s species from making contact with species like ours, so Ichika is in a great deal of trouble.

In the middle of the chat, Ichika decides to “jump” to another location, just to avoid further talking with her sister. Luckily, she runs into Kanna, and they chat about the current situation. During their conversation, Kanna basically talks Ichika down about how “weak” Ichika is and how Ichika shouldn’t just give up on Kaito like that if she really loved him so much. Meanwhile, Kaito and Emika decide to go to another location to chat, where Kaito proposes to tag along into space, but that’s obviously not allowed as well.

In alienspeak, that means: "Get the f*** away from my sister".

So after all that family drama, as Kaito and Ichika walk home (from different locations), Remon confronts Emika for a “certain reason”  and while that goes on, Kanna reports back to Mio and Tetsuro about the events that just happened. Not wanting to waste any precious time, they rush to Kaito’s house.

At Kaito’s house, Ichika, wanting to give up on Kaito, tries to “teleport” via Rinnon, but somehow she can’t.

As cliché as this sounds, Tetsuro, Mio, and Kanna show up in time to disable Rinnon from allowing Ichika to “jump”. After that, all the members of the “movie” declare just how much they want Ichika to stay behind and how they’re all willing to help her stay.

No cute extraterrestrial pets were harmed in the making of this scene.

…And since this is an anime, or more less, something that plays upon real-life romance, the female subject bursts into tears and looks like the most precious thing in the world.

Don't you just want to hug her and tell her that she means the world to you?

Again, after all the drama, Remon shows up with good news and tells everyone that there is a way to save Ichika from going back.

With a plan that seems to have sparked from Remon and Emika’s conversation, if Ichika manages to locate the “genetically” imprinted “place”, then they could prove that Earth is not a planet that’s classified to be forbidden to make any contact with. Thus,  the group asks Ichika to jump them to a local “resource office”, and from there, Tetsuro and Kaito bring back several maps and documents.

After many hours of toiling to find a “unreported” location on the map, the group is finally able to locate it. However, their celebration is cut short as Emika sends a static-y transmission saying that the League is coming to forcibly take Ichika back and that they don’t have much more time.

Trying to jump to the location on the map, Ichika finds out that the League has jammed any form of “jump” technology to be used. With all hopes seemingly to be lost, Remon shows up in time with a minivan and the group set off to the location.

If a girl says this to you, marry her, and do ALL the dishes.

On the way, Remon reveals that she also received some alien technology from Emika, which should aid in delaying their pursuers before they get to the location. Among the items, there are 3 cubes that “mimic” the biological signature of Ichika, and a signature jamming blanket, which should dampen Ichika’s presence from the pursuing “Rescue Bots”.

On the way, the first Rescue Bot appears, and Tetsuro & Mio offer to distract the Rescue Bot by deploying in a Vespa (that somehow seemed to be on the minivan) and taking one of the signature cubes. After Tetsuro & Mio leaves the minivan on the Vespa, the Rescue Bot decides to go after them, and before long, a second Rescue Bot appears to block off the duo. Trying to evade the second bot, the duo veer off course and goes through a bunch of trees, before somehow landing safely on a lower road. While crashing through the trees, Tetsuro proposes a date to Mio, who promptly agrees. *NEW COUPLE!*

Despite the “new” couple distracting 2 of the Rescue Bots, a third one appears, and this time, Kanna volunteers to take the 2nd cube as a distraction.

It's okay to be a tsundere, but I don't think this is best of times...

Not before long after Kanna leaves, a fourth Rescue Bot appears, but this time, they’re saved by a huge mechanical arm on top of the minivan (I really would like to say “DA FUQ” at this moment, but it’s Remon’s van, what can you expect?). After the fourth encounter, Remon gives Kaito his camera back and tells him to start filming as this is the “climax” of the film.

Understanding Remon, Kaito starts to film, but suddenly, the minivan hits an invisible fifth Resecue Bot on the road and crashes.

She's definitely a better driver than me. And I thought I was good.

At this point in the anime, there’s nothing for me to say other than “wow, what did I just watch”, in a positive way. That last 5-6 minutes of Ano Natsu 11 was probably one of the best scenes I’ve seen in recent anime. Maybe it’s just my weird Sanjigen tastes, but it really stood out and shone to me.

Since this anime has taken so many odd curves here and there (though some were quite predictable), I can’t say for sure what will happen in the finale. After all, Remon still has that last signature cube, and because the show is produced by J.C. Staff, this means the ending will probably be something that can appease fans.

Don’t worry, I’ll be here on Monday night with a detailed review and what not.

Can’t wait to see the finale!!!

3 Replies to “Ano Natsu de Matteru, Episode 11: What’s good doesn’t last forever.”

    1. To be honest, there definitely could be.

      There’s just so much mystery around the character, thus leaving possibility for all sorts of development.

      As for the minivan’s robotic arm….total derp. What’s next? It’s a Gundam? XD

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