Hyouka First Impressions

It’s not just a slice-of-life any more, it’s literally real life. No, I don’t mean that in a good way.

True in most cases.

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Tsuritama is unmistakably Kenji Nakamura

Between Fate/Zero’s continuation, Tsuritama, Acchi Kocci, Sankarea and probably Hyouka (once I get around to it) I’ve been pretty pleased by the quality of the summer season. Traditionally not a very strong season. spring season (Thanks Kim. I apparently have no idea what month we’re in >_<). With that said, it’s looking increasingly like I’m probably not going to pick up a show on a weekly basis, and will probably swoop in and write about different shows randomly. Figured it’d be good for a change of pace.

Not a fishing fan? No problem.

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