Fate/Zero and the return of epic

Oh man, Fate/Zero is back and the first episode just reinforced everything I love about the show – it’s big, it’s beautiful and off the charts charismatic.

Unlimited Tentacle Works

I suppose if I were to nitpick, I’m a little disappointed that Caster didn’t have a better imagination and instead gave us a standard (although huge!) tentacle monster. I’m looking forward to seeing his Noble Phantasm of COOL. The one thing I’m having a hard time gauging is Saber’s power level – we’ve seen so little from her, especially compared to Gilgamesh, who seems to be at a completely different level.

I'm on a ship

Speaking of Gilgamesh. HOLY MONKEYBALLS. Excuse my inner fanboy, but the airplane chase scene between Gilgamesh and Berserker was both incredibly random and impossibly awesome. One of the things that raises Fate/Zero beyond typical fare is the choreography and direction of some of the action scenes – it’s cinema level, it’s like sitting back and watching something from a stylish, bombastic summer action flick. Hopefully they’ll keep the action up and the long stretches of exposition down this season.

How a picture can make a great scene

Loved the ED, and I really liked learning more about Kiritsugu and Irisviel through the screens. I hope they do this for all the masters, because I have to admit I still have a hard time telling the masters apart.

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