Acchi Kocchi and a slice of nostalgia

That is, if you were to describe “nostalgia” as the year 2007 and the show, Lucky Star.


It’s hard for me to explain exactly why Acchi Kocchi gives me Lucky Star vibes. It’s certainly not the first 4-koma mimicking the laid-back, Seinfeldian observations of life humor that Lucky Star seemed to do so well. And it’s not just because nekomimi Tsumiki looks like a bizarro version of Konata, nor because Hime is basically Tsukasa’s spiritual twin sister (with Tsukasa’s seiyuu Kaori Fukuhara reprising her role to boot). I mean if you just look at the casting of the show – the fact that there’s non-Shiraishi guys playing significant roles, and the everpresent romantic subplot between Tsumiki and Io would seem to make Acchi Kocchi an unlikely comparison to Lucky Star. Yet, two episodes in, each episode has felt like I’ve transported myself back a couple years to watch a Lucky Star spin-off. I think the biggest reason is that both Acchi Kocchi and Lucky Star have a unique way of setting up their jokes in that, they lead into it, the joke happens, and then a character will comment on it nonchalantly, as if it were a normal part of the universe.


I’m not a huge fan of Tsumiki, but being that Tsukasa was my favorite Lucky Star character, I’m thrilled to have Tsukasa 2 reborn. Actually, Hime reminds me of a mix between Tsukasa and a grown up version of Hanamaru Kindergarten’s Koume. They look basically the same too. I’m also thrilled to hear Kaori Fukuhara do more roles – loved her as Tsukasa and as Astrea in Sora no Otoshimono. She needs more roles. It’s also nice to hear Nobuhiko Okamoto be subdued. He has a unique voice, but he’s been typecasted into the screaming, whiny shounen lead a bit too often recently.

I used to love 4-koma/slice of lifes, but have been bored by them recently. Acchi Kocchi is the first one in a long while I find myself interested in, definitely worth a watch.

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