Anohana Series Review

Anohana has ended up as a superbly sparkling success, as it is both commercially soaring, and critically acclaimed.

And yet, as good as Anohana was, I have to admit a slight degree of surprise over this. Which is why I spent some time puzzling over just what made Anohana become received so well by domestic (i.e. Japanese) and foreign audiences alike. In this blog, I will share what I’ve come up with, while also reviewing this anime in general.
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Ano Hana, episode 10: Were we ever friends?

Fantastic, fantastic episode. Honestly, the direction, the music, the tension, the artwork, everything about this episode was done perfectly. I still don’t dig the everyone can see Menma development, but I forgot all about it while watching Ano Hana this week. Honestly, I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this was one of the best episodes of any anime I’ve ever seen. Definitely top 10 material.


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Ano Hana 5&6

Episode 5

After chasing the fake Menma down in episode 4, we see Yukiatsu sitting on the ground dressed up as Menma. Jintan goes to Yukiatsu and asks if he is all right. At this, Yukiatsu blows up and pins Jintan to the ground. Poppo tries to interfere, but Tsuruko stops him and says that this is a good chance for Yukiatsu to work out things from the past.

Yukiatsu blames himself for Menma’s death and believes that she ought to appear to haunt or curse him, not to Jintan. Jintan acts as a mouthpiece for Menma to speak to Yukiatsu. He tells Yukiatsu that Menma says thank you for the hairpin.
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