Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 13 + Final thoughts

…Except it’s not really final thoughts now. For all those who haven’t heard already, there’s been a second season of Baka to Test announced already. It was the surprise hit of the season but for a new season to be announced already is a bit sudden. Seriously, did everyone like Hideyoshi that much? Whatever the reason, I’m happy enough a second season’s been decided, though I would be lying if I said there aren’t others I’d prefer, like another DtB or another Mushishi or a sequel to Hikaru no Go and so on and so forth. Second season aside, at least the first season has ended well enough for Baka to Test to leave with fond memories, and no horrible ending backlash.

vlcsnap-00002 vlcsnap-00022

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Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 11-12

I could’ve sworn that episode 12 would be the last of the series. The whole thing seemed to be aiming to end on a big final showdown with Class A vs Class F. Now though it seems like the series will end with some morality lecturing on what’s important in life, a bit of romantic plot tidying up, and some gags. It’s a shame since these last two episodes have been really strong and ending it all on a wishy-washy note will make the whole series fall flat. But these last two episodes were good so I’m happy enough.

baka-to-test-to-shokanjuu00047 baka-to-test-to-shokanjuu00060

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Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 10

I did predict this. I did say in an earlier post that they would end the series on a mini plot arc. And I for one think it’s a good thing. They need to end the series with some sort of achievement, or else the whole thing will just sort of peter out at the end. Unfortunately this also reduces the chance that there will be any romantic resolutions now, since the final conclusion will now be the conclusion of the mini plot.

Look's very hard at work, doesn't he? Oh no! My hairclip is alive!

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Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 9

Trying to find evidence of a concrete plot in Baka to Test is proving to be like trying to find political satire in a Mr. Men book. In short, there isn’t any.  So the big question is, if Baka to Test had a continuous plot, would it be any better? Say if the plot wasn’t focused on Yoshii’s hilarious hijinks in his multisexual love life and instead was about Class F’s struggle in rising the ranks of the school, amidst hardship and turmoil and stuff like that. It would be a different show, that’s for certain.

Whoah thats a lot. Glasses Guy returns!

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Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 8

It seems that Funimation have decided to license Baka to Test already. A bit of a hasty decision if you ask me since only about half the episodes had aired when they decided and 6 episodes isn’t enough to decide on the next best thing. Also for some strange and unknown reason they’ve only translated some of the title. Shokanjuu is now Summon the Beasts but they leave Baka as it is. Maybe they’re trying to market this to the hardcore otaku core who know what baka means but I think it’s a stupid decision.

See those things on the desk/box? I want one!  Funny how both their hair goes lighter. Its like a weird form of Super Saiyan.

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Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 7

According to one of the articles I read on TV Tropes (it’s a bad habit of mine), Hideyoshi is considered the dark horse character of Baka to Test, scoring high on light novel popularity polls despite not being the main character or really doing anything despite being a trap. I don’t know how reliable this info is but it’s interesting to see I’m not the only one who likes Hideyoshi.

Not exactly crossdressing, instead he looks like a butler Yuuji's "looking down on you, punk" pose

Summary: Yuuji brings Shouko to the park under duress, and everyone else conspires to get them into romantic situations.

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Baka to Test to Shokanjuu 6: Am starting to lose enthusiasm for this

When something comes out that combines excessive fanservice with a lack of original jokes it will inevitably make me lose all enthusiasm for the episode. So while Baka to Test episode 6 may have been a thrilling idea for all the guys on the staff of this show I’m pining in my corner wishing for the days when Baka to Test looked like one of the best shows this season.
Oh, those happy days, where did you go!

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Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 5

When I decided to start blogging I had no idea that the hardest part would be coming up with engaging and witty opening paragraphs every week. Nor did I know how fun it is to take screencaps, or that there’s this setting on my player that plays the actual episode on your desktop. Guess I’m still really new to all this. On another unrelated note, Chartfag’s chart is out and man am I looking forward to this season. It all looks good, except maybe that one about the 100 casual sex partners…
OK, now for the post.

It's good there wasn't a fight here, they would've gotten curb-stomped Yet again with the crossdressing

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Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 3

When I started to watch weekly shows, there was something I was told to keep in mind; that you watch the first episode to decide if the show’s bad, the second episode to decide if it’s good, and the third to decide if you really want to watch it. After three episodes of Baka to Test I think I’ve caught the gist of where this will go, and I’ve decided to stay for the ride, even if, or more likely because, it will be one weird ride.

How come Hideyoshi gets the blue bow? I wanted the blue bow!CHIBI ATTACK!!!

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