Heroman 03

Oh man. This episode was at times funny, and at times terrible. 3/4s of it was the stereotypical invasion of Earth, with the aliens taking out the army, and blowing up stuff because they feel like it.


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Heroman 02

I love the comments people are making about Heroman. I think my favorite, although I can’t remember who said it, was “I feel like I’m six years old again and watching TV with a bowl of cereal.”. I do too.

This is a problem...

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Heroman Episode 1

This is what I writing before I watch Heroman, where I make my expectations clear. While I am a Stan Lee fangirl, I have what I think are realistic standards. The actual story is going to be so cheesy it’s actually funny. The action is going to be awesome. Hopefully, the anime will do the right thing, and have more action then story, else it might kill it. The hero will fall into two categories, either a total nerd such as Peter Parker or Reed Richards, or with some perfect all American guy. Also, Stan Lee will make a cameo somewhere. I will keep track of how many characters have names who has last names and first names start with the first letter. Overall, I expect it to be good fun, and nothing more.


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