Hina x Nishizawa x Maria = ZOMG! *Mio-style head explosion goes here*

Man, if I knew this season’s Hayate was going to be this great, I would’ve picked up writing about it from the beginning. No fillers, no random unfunny jokes, all character and story-driven humor and goodness. Oh yeah, I guess there’s also been plenty of screentime for that pink haired girl… what was her name? Hina?

While this post is no best post ever, I reserve the right to post images galore!

Hina? Maria? Everyone wins!

There’s something about Hayate no Gotoku that brings out the shipper fanboy in me. I liked the first season despite the plethora of fillers, but I’m loving the second season so far. It’s like they’ve cut out the unnecessary crap from the first season and pumped up everything that was already awesome (i.e., the wonderfully quirky characters and their relationships) into overdrive.

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Hinagiku no Gotoku for real!

Just saw this on Tenka Seiha, but it’s Hinagiku no Gotoku for real! I had to watch this a couple times to believe my eyes. Did JC Staff see my previous Hinagiku post and decide to call my bet and raise me infinity? I’m overusing the word, but this is even more brilliant than the Maria+Holic finale.

Greatest. ED. Ever.

Hinagiku no Gotoku!

Hayate no Gotoku episodes are too hit or miss for me to think about writing about regularly. Plus, assuming it’s 52 episodes again, a good 80% of them will probably be filler. I remember when season 1 started off, I gave it an 8. Then I dropped it down to a 5 during one long stretch of fillers (the butler tournament was soooo boring). In the end, it redeemed itself, and I think I gave it a 7 (episode 49 – the Hinagiku episode was pure win).

The recently released OVA, otherwise known as episode 00, is a case in point. It was pure filler and sort of a miss. It didn’t have much of a story, and merely a fanservice ep, salvaged only by… well… the loads of Hinagiku, Hamster and Izumi fanservice (not to mention every other girl on the show).

So I figure I’ll only write about the show when I care about it. Which is whenever it focuses on our tsundere queen Hina, the irresistable childhood friend, Nishizawa (better known as Hamster), or shock! Izumi, who doesn’t really fit into a specific type, except that she looks like Hamster’s twin.

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