Kannagi, episode 14 – Better memories than the actual OVA

Kannagi has a special place in my heart as the show that compelled me to start blogging. Back in those days, I was nothing more than a new-born baby, with no clue what I was doing. Now I’m jaded, awash in a mountain of cigarettes and working on my 4th marriage. Man it’s been a rough 6 months. 😛

Kannagi had a great bunch of characters, and was unfailingly hilarious. I think back over the past year, and I still feel like it’s the best slice of life/comedy in recent memory. So when it returned with episode 14 (or OVA 1 or the DVD special, whatever you want to call it), I was eager to dole out the Kannagi love. So it’s rather disappointing to report that my memories of the show are better than the actual episode, which was pretty boring except for a couple parts towards the end.


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Kannagi – Final Impressions


I wasn’t familiar with the manga, but based on the buzz, I had pretty high hopes for Kannagi coming into the season (or at least high hopes for Haruka Tomatsu), and by the end, the show managed to meet and exceed most of those expectations. It was the zany, episodic, slightly romantic comedy I was looking for. Continue reading “Kannagi – Final Impressions”

Lucky- I mean, Kannagi, episode 10

The Karaoke ep. It’s eponymous. Like the White album.


This week on Lucky Star, Konata mixes it up by bringing some guys into the mix. This was also the scene of the battle 0.5 between Zange and Tsugumi, which was the best part of the episode IMO.


For some reason, this was the first ep where I noticed that Shino never opens her eyes. Funny, because they come back to it at the end.


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