Moyashimon Live Action, episode 5: Girls and Germs

This was arguably one of the more random episodes even in the anime, what with all the girls falling victim to Professor Itsuki’s magical aphrodesiac. But the yuri scene between Hazuki and Mutou also made it one of the more titillating eps as well. The live action version of it, on the other hand, just feels a little off.


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Moyashimon live action, episode 3: Mutou

I wish they broadcasted (or simulcasted) this show at a higher resolution than 360p. Encoding "real life" cleanly is a lot more difficult than encoding animation. So the show does not scale terribly well on a larger screen. It’s fine for most scenes, but anytime there’s action, you’ll see blurring and some encoding breakup. But I digress. The third episode of Moyashimon introduces Haruka’s whip and Aoi Mutou.


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Moyashimon live action, episode 2: Let’s be friendly (with cows)

The second episode of Moyashimon mixes in some things from a couple different anime episodes altogether, but otherwise, it seems pretty faithful to the original. Well, except for that big budget, blockbuster style intro. Moyashimon: Coming to a theater near you! For a second, I thought I downloaded a troll sub.

 moyashimon-4 moyashimon-5 moyashimon-6 

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Moyashimon Live Action, episode 1: Let’s Brew!

If it’s good enough for NoitaminA, it’s good enough for me. Even though it’s not anime per se, I’ve decided to join in on the Moyashimon live action fun. Moyashimon was one of the first anime series I watched, and one of the more unique unique shows I’ve seen. Even though the anime unraveled a bit towards the end, I still have fond memories of the cute little microbes. If the first episode of the live action is any hint, 3D should be just as good as 2D (and if 3D Haruka is any indication, maybe even better than 2D).

moyashimon-1 moyashimon-2 moyashimon-3 

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