Nurarihiyon no Mago episode 5-6

Summary 5: Rikuo and his friends all go to a mountain which turns out to be the home of the demon who lurks around the house with obviously evil motives.

Summary 6: The group go to the onsen on the mountain, then wander out at night like gullible idiots. They get attacked, as expected, but Day Rikuo decides to do something for once.

nice hat Shrine of some sort, v.mysterious

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Nurarihiyon no Mago episode 3-4

This pic looked so cool I couldn't leave it small

Summary 3: All of Rikuo’s friends plus the new girl invite themselves over to look for demons. They find a rat and Yura the new girl exorcises it.

Summary 4: Yura and Kana get kidnapped by rat demons. Rikuo goes to save them and fails miserably so Night Rikuo and others take over and go kick their sorry asses in epic fashion.

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Nurarihiyon no Mago episode 1-2

I may be miles behind everyone else in regard to blogging this season’s series but now that I’m finally back to my laptop I plan to catch up to the most recent episodes as fast as possible. So these posts will be two at a time until I’m on time again, unless this two episode format works. I’m still experimenting  so anything could happen. Moving on, I also included summaries for the people who are miles ahead (i.e. everyone).


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