Subs: Literal vs. Liberal

"Too cute your imouto is, young Skywalker!"

gg subs (which I now think should stand for “Gregariously Guffawing” subs) recently released a sub of Hidan no Aria Episode 7. It was a rather original troll sub job. While I find it a bit bizarre just how much some anime fans like the concept of being “trolled”, I have to nonetheless appreciate how gg is taking advantage of such a trolling opportunity to engage in sharply slick satire.


At least, that’s how I perceived their Hidan no Aria Episode 7 sub job.

For there is principally one factor, and one factor alone, that makes it a troll sub: The fact that it is an entirely word-for-word literal translation. It hence is, I think, gg’s attempt to implicitly comment on a literal translation approach to subbing anime vis a vis a more liberal translation approach.

Well, since gg has thrown down a gregariously guffawing gauntlet here, I think it is only apropos that we humor them with a response, and that’s what this blog entry will attempt to do.

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The money of soul and possibility control, or the responsibilities of being more than average

The nonsensical title is starting to make sense to me. That is if I stare at it and think about it really hard. But that’s what C does, it makes you think.

Needs more Masakaki
Needs more Masakaki

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Looking Back on School Days

As I write this, we’re only a day or so away from the conclusion of a most marvelously memorable deconstruction of an anime genre. As such, I thought it might be interesting to look back on another such memorable deconstruction, that being the anime School Days.

But wait, you may be saying, School Days was a deconstruction?

Perhaps not intentionally, good reader, but I definitely think that one can interpret School Days as a deconstruction of harem anime, and here in this blog post, I will explain why.

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Why Nichijou Doesn’t Quite Work

Note: This will be a short post, but slightly spoilerrific.

Nichijou, being the latest work of the lofty Kyoto Animation, has received a fair bit of attention. It has already been compared to such comedic luminaries as Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star. And it does in fact share much in common with both of these famous anime works.

However, I think that it has a key flaw that prevents it from working as well as those two did. In this blog entry, I will explore that flaw, while also stating how I think it says something of essential importance about Kyoto Animation itself.

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How Kyubey Changes Everything.

Note: This post will be somewhat spoilerrific. You have been warned!

Every so often, an anime character leaves an immensely indelible impression on the wider world of anime, giving us a positively poignant paradigm shift. In an entertainment form typically defined by tropes played straight, and by basic genre synthesis, these characters are a notable rarity. So when they arise, it can be useful to take a step back, and to wonder what impact they might have.

And so I think that it’s important to look at the character of Kyubey, of the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
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